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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 45 (Vacation)

Hi all!!
This is my final week before the mid semester break.
Can't wait for a week's holiday so I can go out and play!!!
I haven't been spending much time with my camera lately.
Gotta use it more often!!

Ooh mommy just gave me the green light to go to Scotland!!!
Permission: DONE
Transport: Pending
Accomodation: Pending
Itinery: Pending
Three more things to settle.

So far, accomodation is the most important.
Mommy's pretty worried about my accomodation when I told her that I might wanna go to London after exams.
She kept asking where am I going to stay only. hehe!!!
A friend introduced to me a website
Its a pretty nice website to visit if you need accomodation anywhere in the world.
I used it to search for the best place to stay in London, Rome and Scotland.
I know that there are other websites too, but its all the same.
Furthermore I like this website pretty much.
Its so easy to use.

So for those of you who wants to come to Sheffield to visit me,
or if you want to go to Scotland, Europe or anywhere in the world,
drop by this website. Its worth to visit. hehe!!!

Okay, accomodation shouldn't be a big problem now I guess.
Next up..Transport!!!!
Goodnight Sheffield. 3.41am

Monday, 20 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 44 (5:19am)

Hi all!!!
Its 5:19am and I'm still awake.
I don't do this often. Just today.

The reason why I am still awake at this hour is because I have assignments to complete.
Of course, assignments can be completed later and I do not have to stay up so late to do it.

But I feel that I work better at night, not study.
I study better in the morning as soon as I wake up.
Anyways, its summer in UK now.
Daytime is definitely longer than night.
The sun starts to rise at 4:30am and only sets about 9:30pm.


Ahh!!! Better continue my assignment.
Situational analysis seems to be harder here.
Different country, different environment, same theory.
All analysis MUST be backed up by rock hard evidence!!!
Oh well, no choice. I'll have to do much better now.

Average of 73.5% on all courseworks and written exam will get me a first class degree.
Its not easy, 70% isn't that easy.
I'm not sure if I can do it, but I should try my best!!
Oh don't worry, I never stress myself too much.

Oh did I say that I got 66% for my product pitching?
A good start but I hope for more.
Oh well, gotta do better next time!!
First class degree, BE MINE!!!!


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 42 (Summer Oriental Party)

Hi all!!!
I haven't been clubbing in United Kingdom

Cuz booze here is pretty cheap and clubs aren't just that fun here anymore.
BUT today's blog post is about a club.
Embrace - Summer Oriental Party
Like the name suggests, the club is full of asians *mostly TARC students*
The club receives bad rating from me.
Why so? I'm not gonna go in-depth.
But basically its not because of the crowd.
Its about the song choice, sound system etc.
Okay, lets just skip the boring part.


Bought a ticket to this party from Rachel *my sifu*
This ticket is expensive but since most of my friends are going,
I just tagged along.
Can see how's the clubs in UK also.
Lets move on to photos now.

Pre party photos

*The whole group*

*The GUYS*

Yes, Winnie's a guy to us *lol*

Look closely and you can see the guys hiding at the back

*Mana aku pigi??!!!!*

*The posers!!*

*This was how the photo should look like. But...*

*...Sunkel jumped into the picture to spoil it*

*By the town hall. Or was it the city hall??*

*Semua orang posing*

*We spoiling the girls' photo...*

*...then Cherlene spoil our photo pulak!!*

*Cherlene, Winnie, Peywen*

*Yuet Hwa and BIG sister*

Inside the club
Oh most of the photos here are of BAD quality.
I don't like my phone camera quality!!!

*Yvette & Stefanie*

*Yvette & I*

*Andrew & Stef*

*Mei Mun & Stef*

*The 3 beauties of AEM*


*Ming Hong & his flatmates*

*Andrew & Yvette*

*Mei Mun, Andrew*

*BIG sister Mong Jia & I*

*BIG sister's facial expression is PRICELESS!!!!*

*Dua budak ni acting cute*


*Lepas tu straight pengsan*
Oh I didn't really faint.

*Mong Jia macam having sweet dreams only*

*Sunkel and I*

*Marketing beauties and I*

*Melisa, from Catholic High*

*Rachel & I*

*The Sifus*

Rachel is a nice girl.
Will talk more about her when I've interviewed her.
I know you GUYS out there are interested. haha!!

So, after hours of dancing, drinking and talking, we left the club at 3am.
This is the FIRST time I sweat decently in UK.
No sports can make me sweat this much here!!
MAIN REASON: This is indoor

Before I sign off, let me just share a final photo.
This was taken some time in the club.

*Aku dah tak boleh dah!!*
Haha this photo is a fake. I wasn't drunk.

Oh daddy mommy!!!
I know you will be reading about this post.
I don't always go to places like this!!!
Its not really a bad place la. It just involves loud music and alcohol.
But as a responsible young man, I have fun SAFELY.
Haha!! Don't worry ya!! I'm NOT a bad boy (:

Okie, Adios!!!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Life in Sheffield - Day 39 (Evening in the park)

I love parks!!
I would go to Metropolitan, Titiwangsa, Kiara Park, even Lake garden in Malaysia!!
What do they have in common?
They are parks of course, and they have a lake!!
*Yes they do. How nice!!*

There are lots of parks here in Sheffield.
I've been to the parks in Buxton and Chatsworth House.
You can read about it HERE and HERE.
*Just click it*

Like I said just now, there are lots of parks in Sheffield.
There's a park about a kilometre away from my flat.
A relatively small one with a playground and a football field.
Field's not really even, and lots of waste. Dog waste.

There's another park called Peace Garden.
I haven't have a daylight shooting of it yet but I promise I will do it.
As for night shots, read the previous post or click HERE to read it.

Today, I'll be talking about Norfolk Heritage Park.
Its quite far away from my flat. Maybe 20-30mins walk.
But I love it there. The park is HUGE and we can do anything there!!
*Ahem* Sports..I meant.. *Ahem*


Last friday was my second time to Norfolk Heritage Park.
We were pretty bored as there isn't class on that day.
So Stef went to the city with Yvette and Mei Mun.
Initially we planned to have a picnic there but later we decided to just go there and play.
So Stef went to the nearby sports shop to get some gears for us to play.
We now have a football, basketball, frisbee, rugby, tennis rackets and softball bats.

Yeah, we had so manythings to play in the park.
It was really good!!
The tennis rackets are of poor quality but its okay as most of them doesn't know how to play.
There isn't a tennis court in Norfolk Park anyways.
Softball bats..Its actually made from hard sponge and it is meant for kids.
But who cares~ As long as we have fun!!!

Okay, enough talk, lets move on to photos..

Softball game..

*Andrew - Pitcher*

*Tim - Batter*

*Charles - Batter*

Oh did I mention Charles shaved his head? Adorable *LOL Charles!!*

*Vyen, Mong Jia - Baseman*

*Yuet Hua - Catcher*

*Stef missing the hit*

*Kek ready to bat*

*Me pitching*

*Hua trying to do the screwball*

*Ming Hong throws and Tim hits*

*Tim running to the 1st base upon a successful hit*

*We got tired of hitting with the bat so we used the tennis racket instead..LoL*

*Andrew the photographer*

After several games of softball, we finally took a break.
Break times are photo taking sessions for us.
*Somehow we never get tired of that*

*What was supposed to be a Starwars posing session...*

*...turned into a real lightsaber fight*

*Stef's comment in Facebook "I killllll uuuuu....."*
Totally cute!!

*Compare and Contrast: Both reds, height quite contrasting*

*The sky that day..Totally beautiful*

*How not to take a photo with the nice blue sky?*

*Allen, my new flatmate joined us after football*

*Kek said "I'm a BIG man..*

*...but I'm still a child inside"*

*Ming Hong turned into a scarecrow*

*Everyone bullied him by stuffing all the sports equipment in his shirt*

After the break we continued playing.
We played until the sun is setting.
Feeling hungry, we wondered what time was it.
It was 2 hours past our dinner time!!
It was really late and we were all very hungry.
But everyone had fun. A lot of fun. Everyone loved it.
In fact, we loved it so much that we played again 2 days later.

Thats all for now!!
Next up is Summer Oriental Party!!