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Saturday, 29 March 2008

It was always around, yet I never knew~

Yesterday, March 28 (Friday)

Kheng Yee, my first girlfriend went for an interview in Standard Chartered *which is near my workplace*
She waited for me after her interview so that we can meet up for dinner at Pavilion..
Was excited to meet her, because its been a long time since we last went out..
*the last time was 2 years back, lunch*
Although we talk on MSN sometimes, but nothing beats meeting the person in person right??!!!

We went for dinner at food republic
She had my friend's recommendation - Fried Kuey Teow (RM7!!!)
I had taiwanese beef steamboat *I think*
So sad k...normally, there are 50% discounts for selected food at the selected time,
but yesterday don't have ): I think its not available on Fridays..

Anyways we talked alot *actually I do most of the talking*
Most of it were my grandfather stories ler *Wonder if she's bored*
After the long dinner/chat session, we headed for Kenzo fish spa!!!
This isn't the 1st time for both of us..
She came here before, and I experienced it in Japan..
But it was still fun!!Only RM38 for 30mins *Its totally worth it!!*

On the way to her house, Kheng Yee said i've changed..
Can't remember what exactly was she saying ddi *you know la my memory*
But well, I do agree with her, but I never realise that until she brought it up..
I never realised I was less cheerful then before,
never realised that something's always bothering me *I don't know what*
But I totally agree with her its happening to me~
*This is what the post title is all about*

I felt that I've changed alot since...2003...
Lots of things had happened, and I'm sure that not many people know about it *not even evie, stef, and yin*
Evie might know a lil bit cuz I think I did tell her something *I'm not sure*
The "me" that is hanging out with everyone now, is the changed "me"..
If anyone felt any difference in me *high school and now*
That may be the little changes that i've undergone..
and there are bigger events in my life that just changed me..
It may be a good growing up teacher,
or may be a bad traumatizer..
anyways, this is the Leslie now..
No one can get the "young" Leslie back as he had grown up..

Its not exactly a bad thing right?
It may be a broken smile, but its still a smile~
Growing up has a price to pay, and i'm still paying it~

Anyways, I'm really glad that we went out together Kheng Yee~
I wonder why did we not take photos~ *laughs*
Hope you'll get what you're waiting for and your job too!!

- This is not an emo post -

Thursday, 27 March 2008

The kind Orang Asli~

Once, 2 person were driving on a hill and suddenly their engine died-ed..
After a brief check, they found out that they need to get spare parts from a dealer..
They look left, look right, and there wasn't any car repair shop in sight~

So the 2 decided to put the car on free-gear and steer down the hill till they found a shop..
On the way down, they met an orang asli..
they stopped and asked the orang asli..
"Bang, tau tak mane boleh dapat spare part untuk kerete ini?"
The orang asli looked at the car, a Myvi, he thought..
"Takde la..Spare part Kancil banyak!!"
"Macam mane nak pergi?"
"Oh, senang je..You pandu naik gunung, ikut saje jalan..lepas 20minit ade simpang untuk belok kiri dan kanan..You belok kanan, dan selepas nampak sign 'jalan mati di hadapan' you pecut selaju boleh..lepas tu tengok bawah..banyak spare part!!"

No lifes were harmed in this fictional story..

yOu knOw wHo yoU arE~

Although life is tough and very unpredictable *thats what makes it fun though*
there are too many lil problems for us to care about each and every bit of it..
Just too many..

You know that sometimes it is better *and healthier too* to IGNORE those petty petty problems,
some which doesn't concerns you..some its just a problem between your friends..

You can be stubborn all you want to, but i hope that you understand something..
You can cry all you want, emo all you want and say that you'll get over it the next day *which in most cases, you do*

But have you thought about this?
Why should you cry for someone who doesn't care, while breaking the hearts of people who cares for you?
I can tolerate almost everything you do, but not your tears..
It hurts me whenever i hear you cry..
You know how important you are to me, and i don't mind sacrificing sleep, phone credits just to be there for you whenever you need me *though not always*
so stop asking me to sleep or hang up..
Cuz you know i won't until i feel that you're alright..

You can choose not to tell me anything from now on,thats your choice..I have my choices to..which is being there for you whenever i can..


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

March 25, 2008 - a niGht tO reMemBer~ I'm a LENGLUI post~

I try not to be superstitious..
I believe only certain superstitions and pantang-larangs because I don't wanna regret due to my ignorance over it..
But sometimes, even the slightest superstition can make you very superstitious *SOMETIMES*

Who said you'll get a streak of bad lucks if you do not forward mails?
Who said bad lucks come in 3?

You see, I had a SUPER day *night actually* yesterday!!
I was supposed to go to Sg Long to return a spare tyre to my friend
She was at her church opposite New Era College in Kajang, so I went there to meet her la~
On the way to Kajang, most of the traffic lights seem to bully me!! Everytime I can see them from a distance, they turn from green to yellow..
I feel like they are mocking me~ *laughs*

My friend said:"Wah, the traffic lights bully you, not a good sign.."
Me:"Aiyah, don't be superstitious la..Every thing's gonna be fine~"

So we reached Kajang safely and returned the spare tyre..
It was about 10pm and we're still feeling hyper. It was obvious that none *5 of us* didn't wanna go home so early..
I suggested a spontaneous Karaoke session as we had to pass by Cheras Leisure Mall and there is a Neway near it..
The guys *3 of us* were ON so that leaves the girls *2 of them* no chance to say no as they are the minority..
Most of the time we go these kinda places with a large group of friends and they are really really noisy..
So we expected a nicer Karaoke session that night..

After reaching Neway, we had to wait for an hour because it is cheaper to sing after midnight and ladies do not have to be charged..
So our singing session started at 12am..


Then someone opened the door and said something but we could hardly hear him *you know la..with the music and singing and all*
At first we thought he asked us not to stand on the seat *we were all standing on it*
but later, i heard him say "Operasi..Keluar keluar!!"


A police routine check in NEWAY??!!!!!
So POTONG okay~!!!
We were happily singing and then this happens~!!!!

We had to go out, give our IC, then guys and girls were separated *As seen on TV*
Everyone were sent into rooms to split up the HUGE group of people while the police calls back HQ to have our IC checked..
Later, they searched "suspicious" people with backs and those with "bad boy" look for drugs etc..
they also did a urine test for drugs on random people *I think the looks play a part too*
It is obvious that none of us will kena cuz we look so guai *we are too k!!*
So we were sent to another room..we call it the SAFE ROOM..
throughout the whole operation, there were so many people smoking~!!
there were 6 outta 10 people smoking for guys..
and girls were 8 outta 10 *according to yean ree*

Awhile later, the police reinforcement came with more supplies of urine test kits~
This time, EVERYONE has to have their urine tested~!!


The police are smart..They had everyone's IC photostated *about 12 in a page* so that they can call our names 1 by 1 without missing anyone out *izzit???*
There were 89 guys, and they called "TEE WEE YEN" on 40+ and "CHONG YEONG YAO" 2 numbers after wee yen..
I was expecting a "KHOR ZHAN SHUO" pretty soon but no luck~
they didn't call my name~!!!!
So the two guys went in, urinate whatever is in them and came out while i waited patienty for my name to be called out..
When the number is reaching 80, my phone rang..
Yean Ree called me "Eh lenglui~!!! You go wrong place ddi la~"
Me: "Huh?How you know?"
"Your IC is here the girls side"
". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

WTH??!!! My IC is at the girls room~!!!So means my name will NOT be called here~!!!
*I think, I was born a girl..aihz*
Upon clearing up the mess that the police made, I was the 88th person outta the 89 guys..
I quickly finished my business and gave them the test kit..

After checking everyone's test results, the negative ones were given their IC and being discharged~ *DISCHARGED!!!*
Upon leaving the building..Neway operators stand in front of the entrance to ask us to pay our bills summore~!!!
WTH wey!!! We came here and pay 100+ just for a spoiled karaoke session?!!
Some of us refused to pay *but I don't know if they got pay in the end anot la*
I was 1 of them too..but my friends were like "can meh??"
Sweat wey, you expect me to pay the full price despite what happened??

The manager *I think he's the highest there* came to discuss about the bill,
I *not wanting to pay in full* gave a whole lot of reasons *some lies* to why we don't want to pay full and have our balanced 2 hours compensated next time..
I also said we will pay in full if they can fulfill our requests *of course unreasonable ones la!!*
In the end, the manager left and pass the job to another guy *Much younger*
This time, he is more negotiatable..
After much negotiating, we settled the bill for RM73 instead of RM137..
But the whole karaoke session was spoiled *geram geram*

After leaving the place, I looked at my hand which was "tattooed" 88 *the number of my urine test kit*
and I remembered, my lucky number is 8 for this week~
how lucky is LUCKY??!!!
So now, will I ever be superstitious enough to think a streak of red lights bring bad luck?
I'm not too sure yet..hee~!!

Observations from NEWAY:
1. Most people who sing in karaoke are CHINESE *only 1 indian, who speaks mandarin there*
2. There are a whole lot more girls who smoke than guys!!!
3. It is not safe to sing in REDBOX or NEWAY eventhough their tagline says "Sing without worrying!!"
4. REDBOX and NEWAY *which claims to be a family K box* aren't for families *LOL*
5. Chong Yeong Yao is 1 hell of a smart riddler~!!! *He solved the riddle and won us a fruit punch*

PS: Look at the "Nothing to blog" post..Tuesday was EXCITING~!!!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

New Design~

How's my new blog template?
Well, had a lil trouble doing it at 1st..
Later on i found out that I didn't just copy and paste the previous design because i didn't like to be limited to certain functions according to the original designer..
So this time, I grabbed the picture of the running fridge *i thought it was a tof at 1st* and custom code it again..
Give me some comments about it and if i should change another design k?

THANKS: Evie and Yin for being there when i'm....geram~!!!

Oh, and i'm celebrating my 1300th webclicks today~!!!whee~!!!
*didn't celebrate my 1000th webclick last time as I missed it~*

Monday, 24 March 2008

Nothing to blog~

Its been 5 days since I blogged..
actually nothing to blog lately..
Other than having some random thoughts and some boring routine that I do everyday at work..
*Working in the office is liddat wan la*

Anyways I don't have anything interesting to blog about yet..
Just a few agendas of the week to share~

Saturday: Met up with Elizabeth *she's going to Aussie for graduation and work* Rebekah, and Yin Mae. As usual Mae was pretty late and Bekah had to leave after saying "Hi" to her.

Last Sunday: Went to the wet market with my parents!! Oh how I miss those times when I go to the market with them everyweek. Later that day, we had steamboat for lunch and dinner *YUMMY!!!*
I just found out one of my 3 beloved muis hates me..Why? because I am updated *huh??*

Today: Nothing special, not yet at least..

Tuesday: I'm hoping something exciting will happen~

Wednesday: Going to watch "Gone Baby Gone" with the mui that hates me and another mui too~

I guess there'll be updates before Wednesday..So i'll just stop here~

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Shakespear's famous quote VS my thoughts~

This quote was in my head the whole morning,

"To be,or not to be"

To certain people, this verse may be cool, to some maybe not..
but what does it mean to me?

I think shakespear was a really confused man when he said that..
*its HIM who said it, right?
anyways just correct me if i'm wrong ler..*
anyways this verse can really confuse the confused~!!!
it makes them doubt their decision even more~!!!

My verse today is:
"To wait, or not to wait?"

Many times in our life we have to make tough decisions..
"To be, or not to be?"
"To do, or not to do?"
"To eat, or not to eat?"
"To sleep, or not to sleep?"
"To go, or not to go?"
The list can go on and on without stopping..

I don't know why, but I felt like i'm at a crossroad again..
and this time, the question is "to wait or not to wait"
Wait for what? That, I'm not sure..
Sometimes you just have to wait for the things you wanted..
while waiting for that, many things may pass you by..
and you might regret waiting for THAT particular thing while missing other things..

IF you chose to wait:
Will you really get what you wanted?
Will you regret waiting for so long?
Will you miss the thing you ACTUALLY want most?

IF you chose not to wait:
What if the thing you were waiting for will come to you eventually?
Would you regret not waiting?

Most of the time, we cannot have the best of everything..
its either ALL or NOTHING..
So what will it be?

Will you WAIT, or will you NOT?

I've tried waiting, yet it yields no result..
when i've made up my mind to give it up, it just shows a glimpes of hope for you..
what should I do?!!
I don't want to wait anymore because I don't wanna waste anymore time,
but sadly i can't seem to really let it go..
My brain wants it, but my heart does not~

SOMETIMES i wish that everything will be extreme~
either a yes, or no..
no maybe, no possibly, no FALSE HOPE!!!

Yes i know, the answer might be NO
but i still think there's a glimpes of hope..
I'm giving myself false hope..
but eVie knows my weaknesses..
I'm a failure at giving up..
I never gave up successfully before,
thats what making everything so hard..

OMB!! Cerena is playing "好久,好久" in its media player..
what a nice moment to emo ):

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Love can be differentiated~

Dear peeps,
read the post below this 1st..haha

Okay okay why such a random post you ask?
I was talking to xiannie yesterday and the convo just popped out..
We were talking about me finding a stepmom for her and...

"now i got even more competition wei!"
"first got lil tze xuan, then now ur new laptop cerena! OMB"
"since theres more competition now i need to increase my efficiency!"
"hahaha those are different love~"
"no no no!no such thing!"
"why not???got la"
"explain to me then"

There, so i'm explaining over here..
You see, to me there's something called differentiation in this thing called love..
Its just like love for parents, friends, siblings, close friends, husband, wife, boy/girlfriend..
Let me put it this way *my version*
Our heart is divided into 4 parts..
So basically we can contain 4 different love without mixing it together in this lil organ right?
the "basic love" is love for family, friends, husband/wife, and boy/girlfriend..

As organisms are always evolving *from 10,000B.C. till 2008 A.D* we are now more sophisticated and can differentiate more love without mixing it..
I have a heart that can differentiate love to the individuals..
I love xian, evie, stef, yin, shzen, sann, tze xuan, cerena etc etc..
and these love will not be any less even if another person comes into my heart..
xiannie's future step mom for example..
So you see, there's always a lil space in my heart for all my love ones *which i have alot*
and no one has to worry that i will not love them anymore *unless they don't love me..haha*

Whenever we say "love you" to anyone, the feeling is different kan?
I remember stef felt different hugging her close friends *us* and her boyfriend..
same theories apply to everything..
those words may be the same, those actions may be the same..
but what differentiates it is who recieves it..

so xiannie, do you get it now?
although people may come and go in our entire life,
it doesn't matter how long they stay in one's heart..
its how much they mean to that one person that matters..


My very own can??!!!

My daughter CURSE ME!!!!
Now i'm not gonna have a gf~
not even find a step mom for xiannie ):

"so daddy can u tell me wat wish did i make that u were talkkin bout in ur blog?"
"you said you'll wish the girl i like will like me...but it didn't come true~ ):"
"i'm sorry, i guess i'm only good at cursing ppl? gosh.."
"nvm nvm...daddy shall find another..hhaha"
"so the one u r sayin in ur blog is who? its scary laa that i have the ability to curse ppl"

"eh daddy who is in ur heart laa thats the thing i wanna know"
"No one at the moment...i'm gonna kick joanne out..haha"
"aww y? eh no one then wats with all the hints?"
"I was just expressing my thoughts..haha"
"don't worry la...i'll tell you when i have someone in mind...You didn't advertise daddy also..."
"u better! because i dont wanna share my daddy with someone else ):"

"muahaha i m soo selfish!"
"okay daddy knows why i can't find gf...cuz you're cursing me..."
"i'm SO gonna blog about this man~!!!"
"OH NO!"
"ehh daddy i dint curse u ): hmm...maybe i did secretly in my dreams n i din realize"
"involunteery acts...haha"
"yeaaa haha! din do it on purpose"

SEE~!!!! Xiannie's cursing me~!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Thank you my Angels~!!!

I'm such a lucky guy~!!!!
Even though my love life isn't really happening right now
but who needs a GF when they have a bunch of best friends who loves him so much kan??!!!
*Okay okay I better not curse myself*

Anyways like I said earlier..
I'm a lucky guy~!!!!
Infact, I think anyone who knows eVie, stef, yin, shzen, sann and xian are lucky~!!!
They would just go to the ends of the world just to bring you a surprise party~!!
*Sorry ler my SURPRISE reaction comes so slowly that you all couldn't see it~ ahaha~!!*

Well, this was what happened on that day la~
*you peeps read evie's its MY version*
Spot the difference..haha~!!

I went to evelyn's house right after work
5:30pm : left the office
6:00pm : not really far away from my office
6:10 : got out of the jam
6 *something* : arrived at evie's place..

I was late because of the freaking jam right outside my office k..
It always happens..
It happens EVERYDAY~!!

After arriving at her house, she asked if i would like to come in first..
*Stupid me forgot to expect a surprise, knowing evie*
So i just stupidly went into the house and evie said she's having probs with her skype..
I went in, and the 1st thing i look at is the VOLUME CONTROL
*Thats why i took only 2 mins to fix the prob*
One of the 2 smart geniuses who chatted in 2 INSTANT MESSENGERS (MSN and Skype) in the middle of the night, geniusly muted the skype volume *Swt-ness*
and yet I didn't notice anything unusual..
*about the surprise at least*

I don't know why i STILL did not think there would be some surprise okay..
I mean, EVERYONE would have expected a surprise from Evelyn because she never give up the chance to surprise birthday boys/girls whenever given a chance..

"Flaws" I noticed in Evie's house:
1. Her mom's car was parked inside the house compound but she was nowhere to be found
*Normally I would see her around unless her car isn't around*
2. Her youngest bro *my admirer* was walking outside ALONE
*Normally he's with his mom, and shy when he sees me*

Gosh wey~!! even after those things I didn't realise the 'surprise' until evie's mom appeared in front of her room door with a starbucks choc cream chip frap 'birthday cake'

*Haha my 'cake' is really cute~!!!*

I STONED when I see that okay~!!!
but it was SOOO cute I quickly made a wish even before evie asked me to
*Thats why you think i didn't make a wish*
hahaha~ then *pfft* the candle flame went off...Cuz i blew it~haha

So that was surprise number one
*Which evie claimed fail*

After blowing the candle, evie hurriedly ask me go fetch shzen..
*WTH, I thought she asked me to come in to rest 1st...*
So we were on our way to fetch shzen..
On the way to the curve after that,
I saw a plastic bag trying to flee its country WITHOUT A PASSPORT!!!
Its migrating to a better country~
Illegal immigrants, Malaysia's full of it..
*okay everything was just so random...SOOoo leslie~*

We had dinner at "the apartment" cuz evie said she never went before..
and we didn't get the bed~!!!
I always eat at the bed and this is the 1st time i ate at the door~
*Just in case you peeps are confused, pics will tell later*
Well, i didn't blame evie although she claims that i did..
I totally understand why we couldn't get the bed..

1. the bed fits 4 diners but we have 6.
2. evie hasn't been there before therefore didn't book the bed.
*evie, don't blame yourself anymore k?*

Dinner time~!!!
I argued alot with evie because she wouldn't eat..
although she's saying that she's a woman who keeps her word,
i just call her stubborn..simple..
So i ordered for her myself..
This was what we ordered...

*Shzen's apartment soup*

*Evie & Leslie's cheese platter*
*Yin stole all the frozen grapes!!!Its yummy!!*

*Yin and her Buffalo mozarella & tomato salad*
*The woman on her left looks totally gross~!!!*

*Lemon Sole*

*Sann and derek's (both of them DIDN'T share the same plate la)*

after lots of argument between evie and I, we took some photos then let the apartment..
Oh oh..Almost forgot to explain the "bed" and the "door"

*You see, everyone's sitting on the bed..its called THE bed*

The table we ate at, it was actually a DOOR!!! They took the door down and put a glass over it to make it a table..
*Btw, sann discovered that*

After a short photo session, shzen, yin, sann, and derek hurriedly left as yin and shzen have to go back home early and derek sent them back..

Evie said she wants to get a lime green paper bag for her present for another girlfriend..
so we walked to cineleisure *supposed to shop for her paper bag* but in the end we shopped for Cerena's peripherals/apparels *LOLx*
At that point I notice a lil weird thing, evie didn't ask me to take photos with her the whole day~!!
*something's wrong*
after walking pass starbucks at the curve, I suddenly remembered about the surprise earlier and suspected that the 4 who left earlier is up to something~!!

When we were in the car, evie smartly finds an excuse to ask me go to DJ..
she said she's having shzen key..
after calling shzen *or did shzen call??* shzen said she didn't have the key and couldn't get into the house..
*Wey, abit the funny right..who would leave a girl outside and drive away wan??!!!*
If derek is such person, sann should stay away from him..haha
*Sorry derek*

Puzzle pieces are being put together and its pretty obvious that a surprise is coming up~
So i went to DJ and shzen said she's at sandy park..
*SANDY PARK??!!! So far from her place~!!*
Normally, i would get very worried as its late at night, DJ is prone to have snatch thieves and robbery, AND shzen's house to sandy park is at least 800m away~!!
But no, i just chilled there cuz i know there's no way shzen will WALK to sandy park ALONE..

Upon reaching sandy park, the first thing i saw was a hut with candle lights..
"Abit the obvious right?" I told evie..
yeah..It was really obvious but really sweet~!!!

*the poor people who feed the mosquitoes while feeding themselves with BIG APPLE DONUTS*

*A photo of how my "carrot candles" should be positioned*

*Too bad lots of the candles burned the paper due to the wind..You peeps should've waxed the paper 1st*

*My first "celery" from bozz~*

After that, I thanked everyone and sann left with derek while i sent shzen and yin back..


Evie stayed a lil longer with me as i don't really feel like going home yet,
so we went to OLD TOWN together but just for a short while..

GUESS WHAT my 3 girls (Yin, Stef, Evie) got me?

*This book is SO me k~!!! people are gonna hear more crap~!!!*

*Bozz's present - before*

*Bozz's present -after*

Bozz: Your salad and carrot juice is YUMMY~!!!thanks, love you so much~!!
eVie: Thanks for the surprises!! Don't emo emo k?Love you too~
Yin: I know you love kor, thanks for coming eventhough you're tired..hope you will be fine with your internship..
Sann: NiGu~!!!! Don't follow your mazi's footsteps ya~*haha*
Xian, Stef: Eventhough both of you aren't there that day, eventhough it isn't as fun as when you're here, but really...thanks for the msgs!!!

See, ain't I a lucky guy??!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

March isn’t my month…really!!!

It was just yesterday that I’m not sure when will I emo again.
I was in the car with eVie when I told her “I’m not sure if I’ll emo again this month.”

Why do I say that?
Cuz I was feeling really happy and content at that very moment~!!
*I think it’s the shopping effect* *laughs*

But well, its 12:30am right now and I’ve just woke up from my sleep.
*I am typing on my laptop right now as my lil-est sister is busy hogging the internet connection*

I really need a wireless router which my dad doesn’t want..He doesn’t want us to share the internet connection.
I think he’s afraid that he’ll lose all his 3 childrens to the cyber world~!!!
*Reminds me of Lingz dad who’s not giving her ‘freedom’ yet*

Anyways back to the topic…
Yeah as I said earlier, it is 12:36am at this moment.
I slept pretty early today, hoping that it’ll last throughout the night
but just now, I got somewhat a nightmare.

Some of you may know that I hardly dream when I sleep
and I didn’t visualize anything in my sleep just now.
But there’s just this emofying, saddening sensation during my 4 hour sleep.

I’m missing something, no!!More accurately someONE

It’s hard to tell who, my girls (eVie, stef, shzen, sann, xian) will know who I had difficulties letting go…
but lately, someone has been really nice to me,
I don’t know..Really confused…
I dowana be perasan at all, yet I’m too sensitive not to be!!

Oh eVie, IF you know who am I talking about, erm, tell me k? Personally…

Okay okay, enough rants…
As some of you know that my mind works really fast sometimes…
*Does it??*

And this was what I thought tonight…
“Humans are stupid, they tend to really like what they can’t get, and don’t appreciate what they got/can get…”

Yes, everyone knows this…
But does anyone know why?
I remember complaining to my ex gf(Lih Shin) that humans are the stupidest creatures on earth other than the dinosaur and the ostrich…

Well, those are COMPLAINS but if anyone would like to know what the contents are,
just tell me and I might give you all the reasons I can think of in my next post…
*Remember, those are COMPLAINS*

Back to the topic…
You see, I used to have a short conversation with eVie about me always going for the hard-to-get girls and not the easy ones…
eVie thinks that I wouldn’t go for the easy ones JUST because it’s easy…
*but seriously, I’m not that desperate too~*

I may not have feelings for them right now, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never notice those ‘easier’ girls right?
*Okay, I’m not gonna be mean to call them ‘easy’ girls…*

the reason those girls are ‘easy’ is not because they are SO into me nor they are cheap.
Its just because we’re close, and can play with each other~!!
Unlike those ‘harder’ ones who’s not really close or avoiding me.
I don’t think I’m the kinda guy who can juggle a few girls in my heart.
*For this, I admire Stef…Hahaha~!!*

Only 1 girl can occupy my heart at one time, and it had been Joanne for sometime now…
But I guess its time for her to go, No?
No one knows who’s in my heart now…

It can be Joanne *hints*
It can be my of my close girls *double hints*
It can be someone from work *triple hints*
It can be someone from college *more hints*
It can be someone’s sister *even more hints*
or it can be someone I met randomly *Actually those hints are useless*

eVie: Do you know who’s in my heart right now? *hehe*
stef: DON’T teach me how to juggle a few girls at once k?
xian: Your wish isn’t working!!!haha~

Final words…
Sorry to all the people *girls mainly* who have been treating me really nice,
my mind and heart was clouded by someone who I really like since a long time ago,
sorry if I didn’t notice you enough…

P/S: Just ignore my perasan-ness, I’m just too sensitive…

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Meet Cerena~

Hey peeps~!!!
There's someone I would like to introduce to you..
She just joined my family really recently..
Her name is *Looks at title* Cerena~!!!
Actually she's *It actually..* is my notebook ler..
I just bought an Acer notebook last weekend
and the 1st name I can come out with is Cer-ena *Pronounced Serena*
Well, I know Curiosity might be a cooler name,
but I dowana turn Xiannie a.k.a Curiosity into a NOTEBOOK!!! O.o"

Here are some photos of her *I said its 'it'*
*Taken from the web, lazy to take photographs of the actual one*

Although she *It la~When will you learn?* looks great in black,
but i'm gonna get her *IT!!* a new laptop skin so that she looks unique!!
*Everyone knows I don't like to be normal right?*

Yeah, so there's the formal introduction!!!
Hope you peeps can get along well with her *IT!!! %#$!%#*&$ Grr* haha~

Monday, 10 March 2008

My birthday = Mom's suffering day~

Normally, people will be happy on their birthdays~
Wishes, presents, smiles, hugs, party etc..
Somehow, my birthday's boring...

*not to me, to other people*

On this day, 22 years ago..
Marks a very special day for me..
It is the day that my mom venture to the border of life and death
just to bring me to this world~

is the day my mom lost a lot of blood,
lost a lot of calcium,
became out of shape,
suffered undescribable pain,
suffered undescribable anxiety
there's many more that I don't know..

is the day my dad worries if i'm a boy or a girl,
worries for my mom's life,
worries about my future,
worries if he can earn enough to feed me and make me warm..

is the start of their suffering..
when they starts to sacrifice everything they have for me..

Although its undeniable that babies do bring joy to the family..
but at the very moment the baby was about to be born,
anything can happen!!
what if my mom wasn't that lucky?
Even if she survived, it doesn't mean that every mother will not slip into the death realm while/after giving birth..

Mothers are great~
As seen in many dramas, most mothers would risk their own life just to deliver their baby..
they will not stop at anything even if it means hurting their very own body..
some mothers are willing to keep the baby eventhough they know that their cancer/sickness will turn worse~
Birthdays are meant to be a happy day, but it doesn't mean that we can forget about what your mother went through when she's delivering us..
*even if some people can, I can't*

Since a few years back, I stopped celebrating my birthday (10 March) with my friends..
*other days are fine, not 10 march*
this is because it will be an emo day for me..
and I've dedicated this day to my mom and for all the other mothers out there..
On this day, I will be fully vegetarian
*my shifu said its the best way to give thanks to my mom and it will bless her with good health, because I don't kill on the day she suffered*
I try to refrain from alcohol, drugs, sex etc O.o"

I know this is an emo post for a birthday boy,
but hey, what better way to dedicate this day to all the mothers in the world right?

EVIE: does this answer why March is an emo month?

Emo month is here~!!!

Well, the emo month is here~
*Btw, only Evie knows that March is my EMO month...*
I emo super alot in this month..
more than the usual once a month thingie..


I don't really know why do I do that,
but March really gets my brain moving..
things are always on my mind and I can't seem to get it out my brain..
and when I start thinking bout things *good or bad* chances are i'll turn emo~
*Hey, doesn't mean that I hardly think normally k~!!*

Just the other day *Friday night* I was driving back from work..
was pretty tired ddi due to the over stressing brain storming session I had with my deparment colleagues~
I was driving home LATE at night and BOOM~!!! my wrecked my 2 right tires by going into something I call a drain..
Its not really a drain but its a row of dug up soil with lotsa metal waste there..
My poor tires can't be used anymore!!! their rims also~!!!!
*Lucky I had a friend named sky to be there WITH me that day*

I had to call SOMEBODY to lend me a spare tire..
but who's gonna pick up their phone at 2am??!!!!!
no choice ler, stefanie *not you steffie* is the only one with a myvi who lives in KAJANG..
had to call her and hope she'll be disturbed by the phone call..hahah~

OMG stef!!! you're not asleep yet?
erm, noler..anything??
I need your help~!!!

After a short convo, she called her bf to bring his myvi to me so that i can have his spare tire..
Everyone knows that stefenie *yes, not you steffie* is a good girl and she never leave her home late at night..
Lucky her bf, Alan is around and i'm saved~!!!

Now now, how did a wreckless-yet-careful driver got into this messy situation?
I was thinking..the brainstorming session isn't over in my head yet!
somehow I don't know why my thoughts kept me from seeing the road..
It never happened before though..

Anyways the emo month has only pass 10 days...
21 days to go!!!

Steffie: Yes my blog is dead on weekends cuz i'm lazy to look at the screen after working hours..haha~
Evie: I'll be careful next time ler...don't gek sei~ I won't burn anything for you..
Sann: Come come he shang teach you how to be EMO~!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Judge my day~

Today was a NICE working day~ hee~!!!

*You can judge it after reading everything*

Today, I was supposed to go for an product training.
Only ME outta 6 trainees from my course..


Cuz i'm in charged of that segment of the market therefore i get to go..
*The others have their chances too*
2 went to Penang for 2 days,
2 were supposed to go *but till now still no news*
1 more was supposed to go for a product training too~
*SEE~!!!Our company is FAIR*

A week before this, I was asked to scout for a hotel and get quotations for the function room..
I got it all ready and booked it..Istana Hotel..
Today, I woke up earlier,
Dressed up nicely,
Grabbed my tie,
Sprayed some cologne,
then left the house~

I was there early because I accompanied Cherlene to the office,
We had breakfast and I head for Istana Hotel which was 10mins walk away..

Upon reaching there, I asked the receptionist where is the function hall and she kindly directed me to it..
I thought to myself:
"Wah, not late..lucky lucky~"
Then when i stepped out of the lift, the first thing I saw was "BIOFUEL: SAVE THE *bla bla i didn't bother remembering it*"


I looked for the receptionist again and ask where is YGL training supposed to be..
She checked the record and say there's no such event..


I called Humphrey(my marketing manager) immediately *Lucky I called him often enough to remember his number TEMPORARILY* and he told me
"The training is in TRAINING CHOICE..You know where?"
OM GBA~!!!
Training choice is all the way in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng~!! 20mins walk from here~!!

I hurriedly walked out of the hotel *skipping steps actually* and find a taxi..
I had to walk all the way to pavillion *Lucky it was only a 5mins walk* to catch a taxi.
Didn't have to wait long there..
I got up the cab and said "Jalan Yap Kwan Seng"
The cabby nodded and moved..When he almost reached the junction,
"Hey, you know how to go? Lead me..I'm new in KL"
*SWTS~!!! I dunno how to go~!!!!!*
"Hrm, I know where is it but not really sure how to go from here la"
"Nvm, you direct me.."
*I was sweating cuz of the long sleeved shirt, tie, NO AIR COND, and nervousness~*
"Okay la"
Lucky my knowledge of KL road led me to the destination pretty quickly..The fare was only RM2.70..


Before alighting the cab, I took my wallet out to pay..
In my wallet: RM50, RM50, RM50, RM50 *no more*

*OM GBA~!!!*

"Uhh, *Shows my money* you got change for RM50? *SMILES*"
*Shakes head*
"Liddat ar, I leave my bag *as hostage~!!* here, I go find someone to change for me ya"
*Nods head*

I ran my way to the nearest kiosk to get my money changed and ran back to the cab..
*Lucky he didn't run away*
After paying him, I searched for the building *I know which road is it in, but don't know where*
Search search search..asked Cherlene to google it for me, still can't find..
Finally I went to ask several people..then I found the place..

*Thank you kind citizens~!!!*

After I reached the place, *looks at watch*
30MINS late~!!!
I knocked on the door softly and shyly apologized and grabbed a seat..
In the room, there were people from 2 companies..

- Country Manager *Shock*
- ASEAN Region Chairman *Gasp*
- Germany Executive *Shiver*
- Executive Consultants from all around the world *ahh~!!*
- Singapore Chairman *Wah~!!*
*All handal handal punya orang..STRESS~!!!*

- Marketing Manager *Yikes*

- Branch Director *Tear*
- 4 Marketing Executives *Dizzy*
- All the project leaders I can think of *FAINT*
*All handal handal punya orang also..LAGI STRESS~!!!!*

The worst part? I WAS LATE~!!!!

The whole day was super crazy..I was so stressed and nervous I couldn't even sit still for lunch..
Was shivering the whole time..The whole day actually..
*My heart beats fast, breathing heavily till now*
This has been the 1st i'm I've been under such pressure during work~

While going back, I joined the other trainees..
They were all smiling there..
Cuz all the leaders are in the training with me..
and the office became a ZOO~!!!!
SERIOUSLY~!!!! *They have photos to prove it*
Even the employees there went crazy with them..


Same batch of trainees, 1 under serious pressure, the rest having FUN~!!!!
Life's so unfair man~!!!!!!

But I believe life's fair, I might be under major pressure now, but I believe that this experience will come to good use in the future *Hopes for better days ahead*

Now, judge my day..hahaha~

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

God is giving me reasons to be lazy~

I'm supposed to be working..
I'm supposed to finish the thing that has been assigned to me today..
Even its just data entry,
I have to do my best..
But currently God *or the PC i'm using, or Microsoft Words* is giving me reasons to be lazy~

My Microsoft Words isn't functionable now~!!!
It always crashes and I can't do anything about it~

So much for today's work,
I have only 80 more entries to do but I can't do it..
Gosh I have to take it back home to do~

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

When there's a will, there's a way~

People always say that,
"When there's a WILL, there's a way.."

there's no problem with that statement,
Because when you really want to achieve something, there's a chance you will succeed if you do not give up..


What if there's no WILL??
What should you do??

You should go find a lawyer to write your WILL~
Then you'll have a WILL..

*This is meant to be a super lame joke*

Wonder how many ppl get it~
hardly I guess~

BTW, thank you for wasting your time reading this post~ haha~!!

-:- LesLiE -:-
-- aT woRk --

Monday, 3 March 2008

Living for the moment~

Yesterday when I was on the way to pick Evie and Shzen up at 6:30am,
I drove past a dead body~
No..I didn't drove OVER it~ Just past it~
a HUMAN dead body..
It didn't really get into me at 1st..
after a moment, i really felt the eerie-ness..*evie-ness??*
Suddenly it just occured to me that life can be so fragile..

I've learned about "Wu Chang" *Sorry la...Office PC cannot type mandarin* in my dharma classes..
I understand what is it about and felt it alot in my life..
But sometimes a person gets too carried away by the real world and don't really treasure what they have..
This incident is kinda like a 'faith renewing' session for me~
I had alot to think while on the way to the girls' house..

Have it occured to you that *I'm sure it had* you try to do every possible thing to make sure that the future is going according to your plans even if it meant sacrificing things you love in the present?

What if there is no future?
What if you did all those things just to have it all wasted because you didn't live to enjoy it?

People are always thinking about the future~
Have they every thought about the present?

I remember there 's a song that I find really meaningful~
I can't really remember the title and the exact lyics,
*I copied the lyrics while listening to it in the office, but the paper got lost~*
The lyrics say something like this,
"Live for the moment,
The past had gone,
and the future has not come..
The present is the only true moment,
So live in the present.."

I really like it because whenever we start to plan for the future,
we really neglected the present..
Some people only cares about the final result without enjoying the process..
Most people cares about the final result AND enjoy the process BUT they forget to be sensitive enough to learn throughout the process..

Is the future really that important?
Of course it feels really good if we get what we wanted..
But what if we didn't?
Should be just break down and lose all hope?

Today's the day I finally got my results..
I didn't do very well,
CGPA dropped like s***..
Was kinda unhappy *but it only lasted less than an hour*
I was unhappy because I got a B- for my finance which I anticipate at least a B+
I was even more upset when the people seeked help from me got B+ for it~!!
I went back to work and listen to my ipod as usual..
Then it happened like heaven's trying to send a message to me~
That very song was played in my ipod..
and I started thinking..
should I really be unhappy?
Although my CGPA dropped, but I had tasted the glory of being the top student with another 2 friends for a semester~
I had that chance, and not everyone gets it~
I should treasure it~
The people I helped in finance are really happy..
Eventhough I didn't get the result I wanted, but my friends have it and thats all that matters right? I helped them..They will thank me even if they're not telling me~

I feel really happy now~
Felt that life really means something..
Life is all about balance..
We cannot live ONLY in the present and not think about the future..
We cannot drive super fast because the adrenaline rush feels great but risk meeting God asap~
But we cannot think ONLY about the future..
There are so many beautiful things to be appreciated in the present..

I like a statement *izzit??* that evie gave~
"I would choose the guy I love over my studies in overseas"
Studies may only be a temporary thing that can be taken anytime in our live..
But the person you love only comes once in a lifetime..
and only ONE may come in a lifetime..

So why sacrifice your whole life for something that you can have anytime?