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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Dua Kosong Kosong Sembilan

Hi readers!! I'm back from my vacation.
Took me a month to start blogging again. haha!!
Its..its because I've been pretty busy you see!!

1-18 Dec: Australia & New Zealand
18-26: Christmas
27-2: New Year

See, so busy kan? But no matter how much I shall neglect my blog, I have to blog today.
Everyone knows this, its the last day of 2009!!!

Dear 2009, *Why do everyone start by saying this??*
You've been nice to me. Really nice to me.
I thank you for a wonderful year with smiles and tears.
Actually, I don't recall having tearful events this year, unlike the past years.
I will really miss you..


Oh year 2010,
I hope that you'll treat me well.
I'm not asking for all the love in the world.
All I want is to have a wonderful year like I had in 2009.


No matter how good or how bad the year is for you,
we should end the year in a good manner.
For me, a good ending of the year means being together with my family.
I spend the last day with my family every year except the year when I was in Japan.
This year may be the first time I don't spend it with my family when I'm in Malaysia.
I'm going to a BBQ party in Mei Mun's House.

Okay, talking about good ending.
I already have that yesterday.
It was our New Year's Eve Dinner!!
Part of 2nd Aunt's family came to have a pleasant dinner with us.
Here are the photos of what's in the menu.
*Prepares napkins for your dripping saliva*

Table Setting

Soya Milk for a drink???

First Dish - Dad's Famous Assam Laksa

He is the reason we hardly eat Assam Laksa outside.

He makes this once a year, sometimes twice.

Second Dish - Emperor's Soup

Third Dish - Eggless Bibimbap

Normally there will be egg inside, but because I don't eat egg, everyone can't.

Mixed Eggless Bibimbap

Fouth Dish - Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk

Dessert - Japanese Fusion Dessert with Assortments

Note that Yinli baked the cheese cake for us. Everyone like it.

Japanese Fusion Dessert

Dad learned this when he was having dinner with the Japan Ambassador.
Its a mixture of some little things and a dash of plum juice.
The cherries are fresh from New Zealand and they're yummy!! Expensive too.
There are little rice balls in there. We had this dessert for Dong Zhi as well.


My Niece - Chloe

No, she's not edible.

Nothing beats spending precious moments with my family.
They're the bestest people in the world!!!
With my parents around, I get to eat good food.
They're doing fine dining lunch on saturday.
Being so secretive about it, I'm guessing they're the cooks.


Ahh..who cares laa.
Mommy, Daddy,
I love you!!!

Happy New Year to everyone else!!
May 2010 treat you well!!!