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Thursday, 31 July 2008

100th post~!!!!! Yaye~!!!!!

This is the 100th post ddi~!!!

Since its the 100th post for this blog *its an achievement okay~!!!*
I'm gonna blog about another achievement today~!!!


I ate a sunny side up today~!!!!!
You DO know that I do not eat eggs right??
*Except for raw eggs*
I loath its smell~!!!!
Yet today, I challenged myself a sunny side up~!!!

*My sunny side up~!!*

Looks weird huh??
If you look closely, the "egg yolk" is made out of CARROT~!!!
YUP~!!! Its a vegetarian version of an EGG~!!!

It looks SO REAL~!!!
I bought it JUST so that I can blog about it..hehe~!!!
*See i'm so nice to the egg~*

So, what did they use to make this egg??
Egg yolk - Carrot slice
Inner egg white - Fu Chuk *very very soft*
"Fried" egg white - Fu Chuk *Fried*

It looks SO REAL~!!!
It feels SO REAL~!!!
Except, it lacks the smell and taste *Thank Buddha~!!!!*

Now, I can tell everyone I ate an egg~
1 outta the 100 things to do is DONE~!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dear Sanitary Pad~

Dear Sanitary Pad~
It doesn't matter if you THINK you LOA..
It doesn't matter if you THINK you'll change..
It doesn't matter if you THINK you won't be the sanitary pad you were before..
It doesn't matter if you THINK you will be different..

It doesn't matter if you LOA..
It doesn't matter if you HAVE changed..
It doesn't matter if you AREN'T the sanitary pad you were before..
It doesn't matter if you ARE different..

I don't have a definition for LOA..
I don't have a definition for change..
I don't have a definition of how a sanitary pad must be..
I don't have a definition for difference..

Just be YOURSELF..
Just be COMFORTABLE with who you are..
Just be IN LOVE with who you'll be..
Just EMBRACE that you're different than before..

I don't care if my sanitary pad changes from KOTEX to WHISPER or SOFY..
Even if its not as water absorbing as before,
this tissue paper can always help you absorb part of the water..
To me, you'll always be YOU..
Nothing can take away the "BESTFRIEND" label off you..
Nothing will change in my heart..

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I'm SO not going to drive to midvalley on weekends anymore~!!

*Flash back*
Hehe~ Not following the timeline anymore
because this happened about 2 weeks ago *During Grace's birthday*

Kheng Yee's back from Singapore~!!!
What for??
To see me ler of course!!!
Noler..Her Grandma's birthday *I think*

We were supposed to meet in Midvalley on Saturday..
*Midvalley's parking on a WEEKEND??!!!*
"OMGosh" I thought..
Okay la since she's going there to shop 1st..

Before arriving at the carpark,
I was devastated by a sign~

*Zone C carpark sign*

Zone C is FULL??!!!!
P1 Full, P2 31 bays left..
and there're loads of cars still going in..
Guess it'll be FULL anyways..

Nevermind lar..
Still got Zone A, B, G, H..
Less than 2 minutes later..
I got devastated again~!!!!

*Midvalley Carpark Sign*

RED - Zone A, G, H, B
YELLOW - Zone C *31 bays left*
GREEN - Premier *Gardens summore*

The rest of the carpark lots are FULL!!!!!
It potrays Malaysian behaviour SO well okay~!!
Cheaper parking - FULL
Premier parking - GREEN!!!!
Malaysians are so...Stingy *I would opt for the cheaper one if there's empty lots*

No choice ler..I dowana wait for parking lots..
So I drove to the Premier parking lot..
So EMPTY I tell you~!!!
Ended up in the Gardens *This is the 1st time i've been pass by there..*

Finally get to meet up with Kheng Yee..
Went to look for a place to drink..
Gloria Jeans was my 1st choice..
Went there *potong~!!!*
Its not there anymore..Closed down ddi..
No choice..Dowana go to Dome *Still remember the bad cherry-licious*

We headed for Starbucks~
She bought the drinks *Thanks Kheng Yee~!!!*
Work in Singapore ddi memang different...haha~!!
She got herself Choc Cream Chip, me a berry frap *I forgot the name~!!!*
Know what?? She's the ONLY PERSON I know who finishes the whipcream 1st then only drink her Choc Cream Chip~!!!
Actually she's the only one who can afford to do that..
Cuz she needs more WEIGHT~!!!!

After hours of chatting, we had to make a move..
Before that *Snap*

*Reunion of the EX~!!!!*

What a title..haha~!!!
Yes Khengz, we CAN see your cleavage..
Once again, really happy to see you~
Looking forward to see you again~!!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Graduation Day~!!!! *Not Mine..*

NOTE: This graduation day post is not MINE~!!!!
Its a post I promised Grace that I'll write..
So for those of you who's not interested to read OTHER PEOPLE'S post,
there's the "X" Button on the top right corner..

YES~!!!!! Grace finally graduated from her Diploma course~!!!
Her graduation day was LAST SATURDAY (26 June 2008)
*I had mine last year already..*
In case you were wondering why did I promised to blog about HER graduation day,
its because I couldn't attend it as I had to go to Klang..
She made me pujuk her back and this is my "punishment"

So, graduation day..
Its ROBES, HATS, FLOWERS, FLASH..FLASH..FLASH~!!! *Hey!!Not flashing flash, but camera flash flash~!!!*
Since there are FLASHES and FLASHES and FLASHES,
Here comes the photos~!!!

*Graduating girl with her presents from family, boyfriend, and friends..*

*Graduating girl wearing my housemate's blouse and purple Harry Potter robe carrying her niece*
*I think School of Business' red Harry Potter robe looks better yeah, Yin??*

*Graduating girl with her boyfriend Maxis~*
*His chinese name is Maxis..REALLY~!!!!*

*Argh~!!!! She get to accept her Blue-tube-with-nothing-in-it from our Principal Ms. Yoong Lai Thye~!!!*
*I got it from some-politician-I-don't-even-care-to-know-his-name..*

*Duck quacking..*
*Quak Hui Chin...Quak Hui Chin...*

There are loads of photos which I didn't bother to upload..
Its all the same ler, just different-people-with-same-people..
No point right??
Its all about the sincerity, not the quantity of photos~

People who graduated the same time: *Those I can think of..*
1. Chew Yinxie *Loves*
2. Goh Sook Wai
3. Tan Ming Juin
4. Tan Ming Wei *Twins*
5. Tan Dong Hong *Not related to the Tan twins..*

Dai Gor Lui Jor..
Must be more matured than before because you're a Diploma holder ddi..
No more SPM cert holder..
Now we're at the same level ddi so you cannot always ask me to treat you good..
You must treat me good also..
For a start, you can collect the RM50k you promised me..

Friday, 25 July 2008


爱情不能作比较 - Baby


编曲:林海 张亚东







Love this song..
For those of you who can't read chinese,
The title of this song means "Love cannot be compared"

I've loved this song since the 1st time I heard it..
It was a really long time ago..
*Few years already*
The lyrics were very meaningful..
The melody, just superb~!!
I really love the message it brings out..

"I don't need to know how good is he,
No matter how tight the hug was,
He can't give you the memories we once had,
He's good, but different than me,
But in the end, it doesn't matter who is holding your hand,
Because I know that,
Love cannot be compared."

These were the lyrics in the chorus..
This song had been part of my life for the pass few years..
And hopefully it'll accompany me through my remaining years..
There may be better relationships waiting for me in the future *or not*
But those memories from the past will be the one and only..
Those things we had *all 3 ex* will be special..
Though some memories may be wiped off my head,
but the ones that stayed will continue to stay there..
Memories - Its just beautiful~

Monday, 21 July 2008

Don't watch it if you want to relax..

Just came back from a movie with Racheal~
*Contestant No. 9*

*The Dark Knight*

I bet lotsa you wanna watch it~
Here, I'll give you some words of advice..
1. Do not buy drinks. You may get popcorns if you want to.
2. Take a leak (go toilet) before you go into the cineplex.
3. Do not drink anything inside the cineplex.

You take the hint..
Its not worth to leaving the cineplex just because you need to go to the toilet..
Miss one thing, and spoil the movie~

The movie is GOOD..The best of its kind till date~
But its not the movie you wanna watch if you wanna relax..

*Just like this movie*

The Joker (Played by Heath Ledger) was SUPER!!!

*Heathcliff Andrew Ledger *

Considering it was his last movie, it was his best ever I must say..
Some of you might not remember who he was..
Or maybe you can't recognise him when he looked like this..

*Heath Ledger as The Joker*

I'm sure you've seen his movies before..

*Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale*

*10 things I hate about you*

*Brokeback Mountain*

Remember him now??
Too bad~Because its too late to remember him right now because he's gone..
Died at age 28 due to intoxication by combined effects of:
1. Oxycodone
2. Hydrocodone
3. Diazepam
4. Temazepam
5. Aprazolam
6. Doxylamine
*I know..I don't know what all these are either*
Sources said that the manner of death is accident, resulting from abuse of presciption medications.

Okay okay~Enough of the sad stuff..
Just to get everyone excited about the movie, TWOFACE is back in the movie~!!

*He's back in the movie and i'll leave it to you to discover who's playing him..*

So, those of you who wants to watch it, good for you..Faster find time to watch..
Those of you who doesn't want to watch, you don't know what you're missing..
Those of you who wants to watch with me, I can watch again..haha~!!!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

The hunt is ON!!!!!!!

Yeah eVie is right..
I should hunt for her future daisou ddi..

So lets have a look at my options okay??

Contestant No. 1

*Danielle Chang Kheng Yee*
Age: 22
My first girlfriend..
We had our together time in form 3/4..
and we're good friends now..
No need to change that right??


Contestant No. 2 & No. 3

*Stefanie Elena Chin Lee Eng (left) Yvette Erin Raja (right)*
Age: 21
Nice couple of friends..
Really cool and easy going..
Love them~!!!
Stef's taken, Yvette not yet *I think*
But both of them are strong catholics and religion conflict is what I least want in a stable relationship..


Contestant No. 4

*"Henry" Lee Yean Ree*
Age: 21
My housemate..
Smart GIRL *Note that I emphasized GIRL*
Evie wouldn't want a daisou looking like THAT right??
Just making fun of Yean Ree..thats all


Contestant No. 5

*Cheah Yuen Sum a.k.a Dim Sum*
Quiet, Cool girl..
Doesn't talk much but nice to hangout with..
Doesn't smile in photos *You can see that*


Contestant No. 6

*Cheryl Looi Sook Mun*
Age: 22
I consider her as a close friend..
Really nice to hangout with..
She's available, but heart's somewhere else..


Contestant No. 7

Age: 21
Friend of Andrew and Wee Yen..
Hot chick~
Single *I think* and very available *I hope*
Oh~ She's Andrew's ex...right??


Contestant No. 8

*Hong Illyn*
Age: 21
The photo describes all..crazy~!!!
SO not my taste..right??
*No offence ya~!!!*
Love's Koreans and doing silly stuff..
Often get caught by the camera with her silly acts..


Contestant No. 9

Age: 21
Friend of Wee Yen..
Went out a couple of times..
Nice girl~Is like Florence Wong..


Contestant No. 10

*Li Sheen*
Age: 19/20
Funny girl~
Really funny~
Prom Princess..
She studies in UK by the way..London Imperial College~

There~!!! All 10 contestants for me to choose..
So whats my conclusion???
This post is PURE CRAP!!!!!
I'm just feeling very crappy right now..hehe~
Okay..Back to Assignments..

Hancock with Grace~

Knew that i'll be home alone on wednesdays..
I always am *unless I watch movies with evie and yin*
But that only happens once..hehe~
Gotta do it more often right??

Why I'm home alone???
I'm the only person hanging up the "SINGLE" sign in my house..
and Wednesday is MOVIE NIGHT,
everyone in my house went dating..

So, Last wednesday I didn't wanna be home alone again and I asked Grace out for a movie..
Didn't wanna get caught in the jam so I smartly bought the 9pm movie in Pavilion..

*Yeah we watched Hancock*

The movie was good~
Just good, not AWESOME good~

So after the movie, while walking to the carpark we saw someone *eh..someTWO*

*Siti Nurhaliza(right) & Datuk K*

They were like only a foot away from us okay~!!
It was 10:35pm and Pavilion was closed ddi but we had to walk quite far to the carpark..
*my usual spot was taken*
I saw Datuk K 1st, and Grace saw Siti Nurhaliza 1st..
They were so loving it made Grace jealous of them...

I guess the out-of-the-way-and-very-far car park lot turned out to be a blessing after all~

Friday, 18 July 2008

I'm in the same course with the 3rd runner up of Miss Earth 2008!!!

*Not so pretty punya photo*

I don't know why..
But I don't like the photo above..
I don't like studio photos..
Somehow they look weird to me..
They look OLDER in studio photos..
Maybe its their makeup..
Maybe its because they look unnatural to me~

Anyways thats not the point..
The point is...
Read the title and you know la!!!!!!
Yesh~ Stefanie Elena Chin Lee Eng (Right) got 3rd runner up for Miss Earth 2008 Beauty Pegeant!!!!
Article in NST

I'm sure her boyfriend *Sadly, yes she's taken..* is proud~
I'm sure her family is proud~
I'm proud of her..
I'm proud of myself!!! *Can't miss a chance to praise myself kan??*
I'm proud of myself because i'm in the same course with Stef~

Back to the top statement..
I don't like the photo above..
Okay okay, I just prefer other photos of her..hee~

*Of course mesti show an UGLY photo of her kan??"

*I bet she wishes that the pillar is ALEX..*
*Btw, Alex is her boyfriend..Andrew here isn't that lucky..heh*

*Finally, a decent photo of Stef and CheeseKek*
*She looks like a Vietnamese bride, doesn't she??*

See I'm so nice to write a blog post about you..
How're you going to repay me??
Joking joking~

I shouldn't be doing this~

Assignment deadline: 21st July 2008 (Monday)
Progress: 1%
Time needed to complete: 24hrs
Time left: 60hrs

Lots of time summore???
Think again~

Fri (Later) - Starbucks with Evie & Stef
Sat - Lunch with Kheng Yee
Complete Grace's Birthday Present
Start on Shzen Yee's Birthday Present
Grace's Birthday Party
Sun - Movie with Racheal
Mon - Hand up assignment

Let me tell you this..
I've been a FREAKING lazy person this semester!!
I have lotsa assignments to complete, yet I'm not doing it..

What did I do then?
Watch dramas, movies..
Play games, keyboard, guitar..
I rather blog than do my assignments~!!! *Swt*

I really need to change myself, but how??
I wonder..

Evie & Stef,
I know you're gonna go "Why don't you tell us that you're busy??!!!"
Its because I didn't want to..
I'm lazy, not busy..
Heh~ Don't hit me the next time you see me~!!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Its time to go~

I've been carrying this keyring ever since I came back from Singapore in May 2006..
Been carrying it for 2 years..

*My Apartment Keys*

When I bought it back then, it was a couple's keyring..
With both our names engraved on the metal piece, a guy and girl in each keyring, as well as a heart shaped ring that holds every key together..
I use the guy piece, with your name on it,
And you use the girl piece, with my name on it..

*My keyring*

Come to think of it, I've been carrying your name around for more than a year since we broke up..
I didn't thought of taking it down..
Maybe I wasn't prepared to let you go yet..
*Eventhough it was me who wanted a breakup..*

Come to think of it..I don't know you all that well..
I don't know/forgot what you like to eat..
I don't know/forgot what you don't eat..
I don't know/forgot what colour you like..

Looks like..I'm not a boyfriend material huh??
Anyways, I guess its time for me to let all these go..
Its time to stop carrying your name wherever I go..
Its time to do this..

*Free at last~*

Hopefully, you're living the live you deserve..
Although things cannot be changed now,
even if things can be changed,
I wouldn't want it to..
Things happen for a reason,
and for a purpose..
I believe, fate will take us where we are supposed to go..
My place and time

Not-So-Starbucks Anymore~

Went to Jusco in Damansara Damai last Friday with Evie~
And we spotted this in the FRIDGE!!!!
*No, not my running fridge..hehe*

*Starbucks everywhere???*

Just last month, the CEO of Starbucks in US just closed down 600 *or was it 200* Starbucks outlet in US..
About 12,000 employees for laid off~ *Poor people*
The Reason: Too many outlets and they conflicted with each other's channel..

Now we see Starbucks in-a-fridge that we can take anywhere..
Does it have the Starbucks taste? Feel? Essence??
Taste *I dunno* I think we can't compare machine made coffee with human brewed coffee..
Feel: Definitely no Starbucks environment!!
Essence: no taste, No feel, NO essence la!!!!

Starbucks-in-a-fridge doesn't work for me~hee~!!!

The art of oil and soup in Old Town Coffee~

): ):
): ): ):
My phone rosak *last week's thing la~*
So now its fine ddi..haha

Anyways went to Old Town White Coffee for tea last I-forgot-when and ordered Hor Fun..
It wasn't that bad, but there's too much oil in it..
While everyone's chatting, I was playing with my bowl of soup..
*If you don't know yet, I hardly drink the soup of noodles..*

Play play play, and something turned up~

*Photo 1*

*Photo 2 (Made a lil adjustment there)*

*Photo 3 (Pretty ugly)*

*Photo 4 (With the Old Town sign)*

See~ nothing's impossible with SOUP and OIL...hahahah~!!!!

Monday, 7 July 2008

I'm feeling Sexy~

"The secret to being sexy is feeling sexy. Its all about liking yourself, knowing who you are and what you want. Once that hurdle's been overcome, you'll be spoilt for choice as potential lovers fight for your favours."

Yup!!! This is what my horoscope said in THE STAR for this week.. *hee!!*
So, I should be feeling sexy this whole week right?
I think 1 week is not enough, maybe I shall feel sexy for as long as I want to~
Hmm...That way, I'll REALLY be spoilt for choice!! *Evil laugh*

*Clears throat*

Ahem..Shouldn't be over my head now..Should be a lil modest *a lil only okay!!* and just love myself more..