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Friday, 29 January 2010

Munster0606 Belanja Boston!!

Technology Park Malaysia too far for you to get your free McD's lunch from Jason Loh?
For those who are lost, visit Jason Goh belanja McD's!!

Its okay, you can go look for Munster0606 at Solaris Mont Kiara for a free Boston lunch.
But you must vote for his green apple photo 1st.

I haven't met Munster in a really long time.
So long that I can't even remember when was the last time.
Oh well, it doesn't matter laa~
Went to Solaris Mont Kiara to look for Munster today.
It has been a long time since I said I wanna go find him for lunch and I did it today!!

We went to Boston for lunch.

Munster Loh

Iced Hong Kong Yuen Yong

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice

Special Sauce Chicken with Rice

Shop Decor


Thats all for lunch!!!
Today is vege day!!!
Totally forgot although mommy reminded me yesterday.
Makan ayam pulak.
Oh well, went for vegetarian dinner with daddy and mommy today.

Vegetarian Sotong Kangkung

Vegetarian Mutton Curry

Vegetarian Pipa Duck

Dinner wasn't very good.
Abit disappointed but its okay, as long as its edible and I'm full, I'm good!!

CNY's on the way,
got your decorations ready?
I haven't. Haven't even buy clothes for the New Year.
Anyways, be-earliered CNY gift for my readers.

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Today, I met up with a bunch of super fun people!!
Actually they are super fun since high school period laa~
They're my librarian juniors!! and also my librarian teacher, Monica.


Notice the 2 little girls there?
They are the daughters of Chew Yinxie Monica!!!
Very adorable.

So, what were we doing there?
We went to watch Tooth Fairy.

Dwayne Johnson. LOL.

Somehow I find it super cool that these brutes men (refering to Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel) acts in movies like these.
Overall, it is a very nice family movie.
Good laugh here and there.
But I think Hollywood will never beat Singapore in their comedies which are heart warming as well.
Movies by Jack Neo are the best I tell you!!
You can laugh alot..then cry..and laugh again.
The best thing is, everyone gets out of the cinema clapping!!!
Hollywood..beat that!!

I've yet to watch the Malaysian movie Woohoo.
But I heard its good too!! Will be watching the cinemas of course.

We met at the curve. Everyone.
Hungout there for awhile while deciding where to have lunch.
This bunch can be pretty indecisive at times. hehe!!

While there, we say some trees with tags hanging on them.

Wishing tree??

Its a dedication tree.

People can write messages on these papers and hang it on the tree inconjuction to Valentine's Day.
As you know, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are on the same day.
Many people(me included) cannot spend it with our boyf/girlf.
So we can only write these message so that it'll stay forever until it is taken down.

Without wasting time, Bozz Shzen Yee took one and start writing.

Now now..who is it for?

Lets zoom in closer.

Young "Sheep" Xian!!

Yup!! It was for a sheep.
Good for you, sheep!!

Okay, after some time, we decided to have a quick lunch at Popeyes.
Then..its indecisive time again!!

Deciding on what to eat, while Bozz shows "the face"

Shzen Yee & Suki


They call it biscuits, it look more like scones to me.

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Sandwich

Oh yeah!!! I'm so proud of this!!!
My librarian certificate..collected after 6 years graduating!!
Proud-ness k.
Pengawas Pusat Sumber (2001-2003)
Ketua Disiplin Pusat Sumber (2002-2003)
Eh should've took a photo of this with my junior Ketua Disiplin, Chew Yinxie. LOL

Me, with my cert.

I finally graduated!!!! Free from Highschool!!!

The girls..playing.

Xiannie eating so seriously!!

Finally, a decent photo.

If you wonder why do we sit with a wall in between us, this is the reason.
We can "don't know them" when they're playing crazily in the restaurant.
WenJie's smart plan.

After the movie, we hungout again at another cafe.
Not the type I nothing much to talk about it.
For a full range of photos, visit my facebook photo album page.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why I Like It Longer - Because Longer is Better!!!

Why longer, not shorter??
Because longer is better!!!!

Why would you like it longer?
I don't know, but I DO KNOW why I like it longer!!

Longer holidays!!
Don't you just love holidays??
It'll be great if holidays can be longer so you would have more time to relax!!
With longer holidays, I can go places I wouldn't normally go.
I can take photos of many things I wouldn't take!!
Oh I just wish that there are longer holidays!!

Longer hours a day!!!
Have you feel that you need more time in a day?
You'd love this clock then.
Yes, you're looking at a clock which shows 84 minutes to an hour.
Why 84??
Because its longer and you'll have more time to do anything!!

Imagine having 24 minutes extra to your favourite drama.
Or paying the same amount of money and get 24 minutes extra at a cybercafe or foot massage.
84 minutes to an hour means more time for you to sleep!!
There is so much goodness in the extra 24 minutes. So good!!

Longer car!!!
Limousines makes heads turn right??
Don't pretend that you don't look at super long cars will your head can't turn anymore when they passes you.
Longer cars are super cool!! Why so?
Because you don't get it all the time!
Cruisin' in your very own limo. I like!!

Longer phone!!
Isn' she a beauty??
Let me introduce to you the new LG Chocolate.
It features a 4-inch touch sensitive wide screen.
Comes with a 5-megapixel camera.
Unlike any phone you've seen before, this phone has a 21:9 ratio widescreen panoramic display.
Longer screen means better web browsing, no more side scrolling.
Don't you wish you're long, slim, and stylish?
Well, you'll never get as close as the new LG Chocolate (BL 40) so why don't you just get one and make the crowd turn heads??

LG Chocolate (BL 40) truly makes you love anything longer.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Munakata Japanese Made to Order Buffet

If you've been to places like Rakuzen, you would've been familiar with made-to-order buffet styled dining.
For those of you who aren't familiar, made-to-order buffet is something like ala carte.
You pay a fixed amount of money for the all-you-can-it service.
But unlike normal buffet, you have to order the food and it'll come in ala carte style.
The varieties and serving size may differ, but you can eat as much as you like.

Munakata Japanese Restaurant has been in business for a really really long time.
But it wasn't until yesterday that I tried it.
All thanks to my bestie, Evelyn whom asked me to join her and her siblings for dinner.

Munakata Japanese Restaurant
Address: LIFE Centre, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL.
Phone Number: 03-21667441
Dining Hours: Lunch 12-3pm
Dinner 6:30-11pm (Last order at 10pm)
Price: RM70++ Adult RM45++ Child

View Larger Map

Okay, lets bring in the photos..


Oh no!! Overexposed!!!

The front entrance

The ghostly figure at the door is Evelyn.
Don't worry, you'll see her photo later.

Simple Table Setting

Chopstick cover

Now for the FOOD!!!

Salmon Sashimi

Possibly the majority's favourite sashimi.
Its the only sashimi on the buffet menu.
It was pretty good. Very fresh. We had..10 servings??

Deep Fried Scallop

Another of our favourite.
It was pretty good when there wasn't many customers.
After awhile, they didn't drain the excess oil enough leaving some oil taste on it.
The scallops come with its roe. I gave Evie(Evelyn) all of them.

Fried King Oyster Mushroom with Butter

Possibly my favourite dish.
I really love mushrooms and this really hit the spot!

Yakitori - Japanese Chicken Satay

Yakitori as significantly less fat compared to Malaysian Chicken Satay.
It wasn't the best I've tasted, but still good.

Fried Straw Mushroom with Butter

Similiar to the King Oyster Mushroom, the straw mushroom is pretty good.
But the King Oyster Mushroom is way better!!

Deep Fried Oyster in Batter

Wasn't my favourite dish.
Oysters tend to have a very fishy smell.

Deep Fried Clear Prawns

This is good as a snack.
Think of it as a high class french fries because its made of prawns.


Needs no introductions.
This pea is good, but I wonder why do they add salt to it.

This was our first wave of orders

Teppanyaki Beef

This is a little too well done for me.
I find it a little dry because I tend to like my beef medium rare.
It might be very nice for you.

Sliced beef with Ginger Sauce

I like this.
Its not too dry for me and the ginger tasted very good.

Unagi - Eel

To Malaysians, Unagi needs no introduction.
I'm not a big fan of Unagi so I shall not comment on it.

Deep Fried Seafood Tofu

It looks good, but I didn't eat it.
So no comments. LOL!!

Salmon Sushi

This is good.
The salmon is fresh as I said earlier.
The rice is sticky and well seasoned.

There were other dishes as well but I didn't take any photos of it.
If you like to dine in this restaurant, do make reservation a day before.
It gets pretty occupied as there weren't many tables.
The space between different customers are big and its really comfortable that way.
If you'd like to have more information about this restaurant, you can probably search for food blogs which do reviews.
I'm sure they are available.
I'm not good at food reviews so I'll leave it to people who are more experienced.

Although we were busy eating, but we do have to wait for our food to arrive too.
The wait gets a little long as more customers come in.
So while waiting for the food, we take photos!!
*Can't miss this chance ehh??*

Evie and her sister, Jaenee

The Siblings - Evie, Nigel, Jaenee

The Besties

No, she's not leaning against me.


Outside once again

KL Tower from Life Centre

After this dining experience, I might wanna try Rakuzen's to see how does it compare with Munakata. Hehe~
Till next time!!!