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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Time to move on~

Yes..Its time to move on my baby~!!!
Went to complete my Marketing Research fieldwork today in Sungei Wang and Alpha Angle..
When we reached Sg Wang, we splited into 2 groups..
The first destination we went was to Gah Jin's bro's shop..
Upon arriving, he completed 3 survey forms~!!!
anyways i didn't leave empty handed..
just 165 bucks less..

Well you see, Gah Jin's bro is working in a spectacle shop..
and i went there to look at all the specs that i could test..hahaa

and now, its Adious to my Levi's specs

And hello, 2 inch..

Both of them look similiar though...
haha but then, i just prefer to look the way i look..
So no major change for me..

anyways i'm not the kinda person with a fancy heart..
i'll still treasure Levi's specs as i've always treasured it..
*FYI i didn't purposely spoil it..
it just failed itself*

Now now..hopefully this cheaper specs will last longer..

Old specs = RM489
Nice specs = RM165

Here we come, there they go...

Have you had the same experience??
You were walking on the street, shopping, hanging out with friends..
and suddenly a stranger approaches you
He/she (couldn't be gender bias) was holding a folder or a stack of papers..

Immediately, you stuck out your hand,
as if hinting to them that you're not interested in whatever they're offering..

I guess most of us do this now eh??
if not, we might just ignore them or walk away..

Well, I have the same experience lately..
the difference is I'm the one holding the folder..

You see, last friday my assignment team went to several places to do a fieldwork to gather data via questionaires for our Marketing Research assignment..
Our initial plan was to stay in 1 place for 1 hour, and move on to the next place as each of us only has to survey 6 person..
5 different places, 1 hour each, another 1 hour lunch, and 2 hours travelling allowance..
this was what i thought..9 hours and we're done~!!
To my dismay, things didn't turn out as well as i thought..

Our 1st destination was SS2, in PJ..
actually i chose that place because i had to take my car for servicing at 8:30am and i thought my team can come fetch me from SS19 which is so near..
Mana tau they said they can handle it so i waited for my car in the Perodua service centre till 12pm..
And do you know how long it took 4 person to gather 30 questionaires??
2 hours~!!!
My teammates walked along SS2,
there were SO many people there but most of them rejected my teammates as soon as they approach them..

Okay, SS2 isn't a very nice place to gather data..
Next we went to 1Utama..
that place was a haven man~!!!
everything went smoothly..
everyone gathered their 6 questionaires within an hour..
As this was my 1st time gathering the data,
My confidence level was pretty high after that very hour..
Out of the 8 person i approach,
6 were willing to spare a few moments of their time to help me..
*happy happy*

After 1Utama, we hurried to our 3rd destination - Sunway pyramid..
urgh~!! Remember that i only spent 1 hour collecting 6 questionaires?
After 2 hours, I still haven't succeed in getting 1 questionaire done~!!
can't believe it man~!!
my confidence level plunged so low i can barely look at myself in the mirror and say "You can do it"
SP was a total disaster for me~!!
I wanted to give up so much~!!
but i can't ler..because i have to complete my assignments..

That day, my team only managed to go 3 places..
we'll have to go to the other 2 places some other time...
Phew..Finally i had time to rest..
and built my confidence back by doing things that i'm good at..

Lesson learned~!!!
The next time anyone approaches me for a survey,
i'll definitely help~!!!

*Actually i do help, i always do except its a saleperson, or some charity organisation*

Monday, 26 November 2007

Nightmare in Merdeka...

Why did i say its nightmare in Merdeka??
Don't get me wrong..I'm not talking about National Day or Independence Day..
I'm merely talking about the TVXQ concert that was held in Stadium Merdeka last Saturday..
*Btw for those of you who has no idea who TVXQ is,
they're a Korean boy band consist of 5 good looking guys..
just like the Fahrenheit*
Okay back to the story..
Why was i there you say?
No no..I'm not one of their fans who went to see them live..
I'm just merely a student who wants some money to support my daily spending..
I was in charged of ticket checking along with Wee Yen at the 2nd left door..
2 persons per door...
with some help of RELA..
Thank GOD for the RELA team~!!!!
without their help, i might not even survive the stampede of girls..
Lemme give you a scenario to imagine..
Just imagine there are 2 wooden framed glass doors in front of you..
then you see TVXQ Asia Tour poster on the glass...
beyond the glass is a few hundred of girls impatiently waiting for the doors to open so that they can snatch a good place in front of the stage..
Now, as soon as you open 1 door, the girls started shouting..
*Why i said girls is cuz almost 95% of the audience consist of girls~!!!*
Its not the screaming that scares me..
Its the CROWD that's scaring me~!!!
Even with 3 RELA members to make a human barricade right in front of the door,
the girls kept pushing their way into the stadium..
They kept pushing and pushing..
Remember the 2 wooden framed glass doors i asked you to imagine??
Now..imagine that the glass cracked~
not just a small crack, but a HUGE one across the whole door~!!!
No one in their sane mind could even crack the door with their body unless they weighs 200lbs~!!
As soon as the door cracked, the RELA members got furious..
some whistled, some shouted..
ANYTHING to control the crowd~!!
We even had to close the doors so that the people at the other end of the world will settle down..
That was the scariest part in the entire concert..
At 1st, i thought that this only happens on my side of the stadium..
Apparently, the same thing happened on the other side of the stadium not far from me..
talk about making girls angry....
Now i would think 5 times before trying to make a girl angry...

Monday, 19 November 2007

I can'T gO foR camp~!!!!

sO sad~!!!
i Can't go to camp~!!
not the upcoming camp that was held on 17/18 nov~
but the camp thats gonna be held on 20 - 23 dec..
actually i was kinda happy that i recieved a msg about the camp..
they were asking me if i can help out in the camp..
btw, the camp is organised by Negeri Sembilan's Buddhist Association..
its gonna be a great camp, i thought..
as soon as i wanted to press the send button on my reply,
suddenly something struck me~!!
20 - 23 dec is the 11th week of my semester..
i have Marketing Research presentation on that week..
which means...i have to either skip camp, or skip my class??
I chose to skip camp for a few hours,
travel all the way back to KL just for that friggin class..
yesh yesh..i think that'll work..
so i happily go plan all my stuff again ler...
i can't go~!!!
heart break man~!!!
i've made a promise to a girl early this year..
i can't simply just break that promise right??
gonna give up camp because of that promise??
or gonna give up the promise for the camp??
i know i can't give up the promise cuz i dowana lose my bestfriend..
but i'm just being a denial ler...
wanted to go for the camp so much~
its all gonna happen on that ONE FATEFUL DAY~!!!
23rd ofDecember...
*ish ish*
there's gonna be the camp..
Its Crystal's Prom night~
I'm her date...

saYonAra spEckiE~

My specs said goodbye to me ddi~!!!
*actually this happened 7days ago, but i have no time to blog HEE~!!!*
so Sad wey~!!
nOw my world is so blurry...
lucky i have contact lenses to substitute the absence of speckie..
but then, i can't wear it all the time right??
know what??
* I miss my levi's specs~!!! *
i'm dowana get a new specs...
i want levi's~
love that specs so much~
know what??
i realise i've been using my blog as a rant sink...
so many unfortunate things happened to me last 2 weeks...
hopefully it's turning better and better...
Last thurday, i went to the career fair in my college...
i got nothing outta it~!!!
so UNLIKE past years~!!!!
everything is not in place~
but lucky i don't have my specs on and didn't wear contacts that day..
it made the world looked soooo beautiful..
everyone looked so beautiful that day cuz i can't see their face..
*Thank Buddha for it HEE~!!!*
my friends went there just to see the airline ladies~
haha but all went back with a sour face cuz their makeup was sooo think that they look like a clown..hee~!!!
anyways everything turned up well ler for my spec-less days..
i'm still specless now, but i think i'm getting used to it ddi..
still wondering how to fix my specs..
i dowana spend another RM268 to get another same spec, unless necessary..hee~!!!

Friday, 9 November 2007

A series oF miSfoRtunatE evEntS ~

Do you ever believe in blessing in disguise??
Well i don't know if i should believe it at this moment..
today is jinxed i tell you~!!
Today is jinxed~!!!!!

Lets see..what happened today..
oh~ early morning, my mom's leg was knocked (?) caught in between (?) i don't know what you call it~!! but her leg was injured cuz the auto gate closed upon her~!!
*and it still bruises*
Next, i went to college just to see Mr. Lim, my marketing research lecturer..
Wanted to get his advice for my assignment,
but got only 2 lines of answers.

"Is it about the presentation tomorrow?
If it is then i will comment on it tomorrow to be fair to the others..."

what kinda lecturer is this??
FAIR is for those who took the trouble to drive 20mins to college to get quality advice..
FAIR is for those who got bad comments for not going to look for the lecturer..
anyways its no biggie..hah~!!!
But before i went to college, i parked my car at Jackson's place..
*i gotta talk about Mr. Lim 1st cuz thats why i went to college*
Right before i reached his house, i RAMMED over a coconut..
its juice splashed all over the left side of my car..
*oh bother...its asking me to go wash my car*
anyways i wiped the juice off my car, and *tuck* i heard the car lock...
and this was my view upon hearing that sound..
If you notice, my car keys are still inside~!!!
i have to trouble my sis to bring my spare car keys to me...
and its another 20mins drive for her...
*hope she's not cursing me on the way here*
See, the 3 things happen ddi...
and who said bad luck comes in 3???
On my way home, i was.."okay okay, no biggie anymore..."
and suddenly i saw a humongous right signal right flashing right beside my car~
and *WHAMP* my car was hit by a car trailer as soon as i stepped on the brake pedal..
For those of you who has no idea what a car trailer is...
this is a car trailer..
i didn't take the photo of it cuz the camera's not with me..
so i googled it..
Luckily i braked my car..and only the front part got hit..
like this...
OMG man~!!!my poor car...
but lucky for me the driver is nice enough to have guilty conscience..
he apologized, and said he has only RM100 with him now..
and of course i'm a nice guy too..
after 10minutes of checking my car, and calling my dad,
i accepted the 100bucks and just forget about it..
*the repair probably cost more than 300bucks*
well, i know i'm stupid, but he's in a hurry to IPOH~!!
i don't care if he's lying...i trust him..haha
so after taking the money, he apologize once again..
and shook hands, hugged, and said goodbye..
*i'm not serious about the hug thing*
Poor guy, 100bucks poorer...
poor dad, few hundred bucks poorer~!!
well, i have to say...the day ISN'T OVER yet~!!!
when i reached home, my mom was on the phone with her employee..
apparently, those workers have very short term memory..
how to say this...hmm...
okay...lets say they we supposed to go to place A,B,C in sequencial order for maintainence service,
my mom even wrote it down for them
*in case they forget*
but they went to place C,B,A in sequencial order for the maintainence!~!!
how outta their mind can these ppl be??
well, its not my unfortunate event, but its my family's right??hehe
i hope things will be better starting from this instance..hee~!!
HApPY BirTHdAY DaDDy~!!!!!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Jackson & Tuck Cheong's birthday~

Was lazy to blog yesterday thats why i gotta blog today..haha
So, last thursday, the AEM group went to NEO'S Steamboat *should've collected ad fees" to celebrate Jackson and Tuck Cheong's birthday~
It was a cool place, newly opened by Ming Chuan's friend..
BTW..Ming Chuan is the one eating the ice cream
*you'll see it later*
the concept is like "Yuan" in Subang..
and its located much nearer to our college than "Yuan"..
so thats our best choice~

Here's the details including price and openning hours..
no address though..
We biasa see this in buffets kan??
Right before eating..

Look at our efficiency in camwhoring la~
wonder why never this efficient when it comes to studies..haha

Take food also wanna cam whore~!!

Yaye everyone started "cooking"

My table is number "23"

Yeah...this is our steamboat~
*the only table clever enough to put herbs*
YUM yuM~!!!

Ming Chuan enjoying his LALA~

Everyone's happily eating~!!

Freaking Lwin~Posing still wanna makan..

Yeah~everyone's enjoying themselves~

All the girls...
...and the guyz~

After makan *or rather half way* I started silly posing..
Yeah this was my idea...

...and everyone follow suit~
Me and my wacky ideas again...
*no...i'm not retarded*

Retards following..haha

FUCK OFF WANKERS!!! love that shirt man~!!

This is brotherly love~

Kek "cake" and the birthday boy~

One of our special guest Lwin(middle)
left us after half semester..

oh no~someone spotted us taking photos...

...and he jumps in~!!!

1 head shorter~

Yean Ree, Lwin, and Jackson...

Look at Chong Yee trying to steal the limelight behind~


Dessert time~
*so fast???*

Kek's soooo tall he and to bend down...

This is the LEGENDARY Ming Chuan~!!!
He finished BIG MAG in 3 BITES~!!!

After dinner...

...piggyback RIDE~!!!


yeT another staircase~

Lwin is a freaking camwhorer~
*aren't we all??*

So am i kan??
*ngek ngekz*

We got horny and started fondling Kelvin's 'breast'..

LOOK AT MING CHUAN (top left)~!!!

Everyone reached their 'limit'..

Someone STOLE my CARROTS~!!!!


How gross can Hooi Hong BE??!!!
*licking Ming Chuan in public*

Here comes the cake~

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to @%##^#$^&#@$!~
Happy Birthday to you~
*this was EXACTLY how we sang it*

Group birthday photo~!!!

Really cute couple~

Birthday kisses~!!!!

Feed the birthday boy~

Returning a kiss is he??

Look at his horny face~!!!

YUm yuM cakE~

Kek's trying to steal his cake~

Acting cute with cake huh??

Feed the cameraman CAKE~!!!

We ran out of things to play~
*and tea too*
Now, we're gonna kick them outta the Restaurant~!!!
but is it all oveR??
The night is still SOOOOO young~!!!
and so are we~!!

Never miss a chance of cam whoring while you're still young..

Went to KTZ for desserts~
*didn't had enough in NEO's*

Batman's sleepy already??

GOSH~!!!!Cherlene showing her sexy side~!!!

Spot the difference~
*which is real and which is fake??*

Yean Ree with her Mango Loh~

Cherlene: Red Bean Lwin: Turtle Jelly Me: Kiwi Loh
*Damn i miss kewei...*
Kewei~if you're reading this...
I Miss you~!!!

This is called Brothers~

Half eaten dessert~

Jackson with his Honeydew Loh~
and that ends the Birthday celebration~!!!
Notice that whenever AEMs go out, my blog posts are very very very long~
in fact..i've short listed the photos..
the initial number of photos: 179
Current: don't know..
anyways its getting soooo late...
update other time ya~!!!
-:- LesBiE -:-
-- DEM3 & AEMs are so much fun~!!! --