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Sunday, 31 August 2008

1 planet, 2 worlds..

Whenever there is..

*You having a big feast*

There is this at the same time..


Whenever there is..




There is this happening at the same time..

*Death and funerals*

Whenever there is..

*Smiles and joys*

There is..

*Tears and cries*

Whenever good things happen to us,
we never think what is happening at the other side of the world..
Sometimes we do not need to see the other side of the world..
When we're smiling, the person beside us might not be..
When we're eating, maybe the kids outside are starving..
We're just too ignorant, but thats what makes us happy *to not think so much*

Was at Monash Ball 2008 yesterday,
feasting, camwhoring, and partying all night..
When I woke up this morning, I got a call from my housemate..
My coursemate's dad passed away yesterday..
Cancer was the cause..

At that instance, I thought..
"Hey, I was all happy partying last night..
but a whole different thing was happening to my friend at the same time.."
So we went to pay our last respect to her late dad..

On the way there *I was driving alone*
Just a few blocks away, there was a malay couple having their wedding party..
What I saw that time was there can really be 2 worlds in a planet..
It doesn't have to be far away,
even just a few doors away, it may be worlds apart..

I'm not gonna make this a long post..
Because it only takes a few words to change someone's life..
and today I know that there's 1 less family celebrating national day for the rest of their days..
Because the eve of national day will be the day their husband/dad leaves them..

The human life is fragile..
Make the best out of it..
What have you done today?

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

It is time..

Remember my previous post where I said its time to go??
Click here for that post..

Now, its time for the whole keychain to go~
*Only the name isn't enough*
I took out the whole keychain out,
and played with it during dinner..
Soon after that I took photos of it and they look spectacular~!!!

*Love the shade*

*The background sucks..Don't bother~*

Don't bother asking why does the keychain has to go..hehe~
and NO..I'm not in a relationship..
I'm still single as always..haha~

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Goodbye weird names~

*The weird names*

Its time to bid Beijing Olympic Mascots A'dieu~
It was nice having them for 2 weeks to cheer yourself up *By thinking about their names*
It was also nice having someone to cheer for *Chong Wei* and argue about whether or not he deserves a Datukship as well as a life's pension..
All in all, it had been a nice 2 Olympic weeks..
and we can finally say goodbye to Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying, and Ni Ni..
Since England won the bid to host the next Olympic,
I wonder what their mascot names will be..
Please Please, Speak Speak, Good Good, Eng Eng, and Lish Lish??
I guess not huh??

Monday, 25 August 2008

The children are not ONLY our future..

They are the PRESENT as well..
We always focus on their FUTURE..
But do we neglect their PRESENT?
Without a PRESENT, how are they going to have a FUTURE?
1 Planet, 2 Worlds..

*Do you see FUTURE in this?*


*Or this??*

Without a proper PRESENT, what will their FUTURE be?
This was what I felt in the 30 hour famine camp I just came back from..

*30 Hour Famine*

*Hosted by World Vision*

Some people support this camp, some people don't..
Some people think that its a waste of OUR time and money *Note: the OUR, not theirs..*
Some people think its really meaningful *Like eVie*
I've heard of stories *and experienced it myself* of people saying:
"Why spend RM100(students) RM150(Public) to get hungry for 30hours?
I'd rather use that money to have a feast!!"
*Yes, I know that we can have A LOT of food with that money..*

Okay, we're not here to debate about this right?
This camp's purpose is to raise funds for several beneficiaries *7 this year* and to touch the hearts of the campers..
Did you know that it takes only RM30 to feed a family of 5 living in poverty for a month?
I've raised RM100 and fast for 30hours..
By doing that, I'm able to feed at least 3 families *15 people* for a month!!
*Oh boy, they should thank me for it..*
No no..They don't have to thank me for it..haha!!

This camp gave me a lot *and I really mean A LOT!!*
One of the most important thing that i've learned from this camp is:
"I've been very active in charitable work,
I can reach out to the needy in the world,
But there's a corner that doesn't feel my love,
The corner called HOME.."

That night during the camp, we did a lot of sharing,
and it just hit me hard!!
I've been so busy lately *lazying too* with charities,
but I've never shown love to my family..
Thus I smsed them *Because its too late at night*

But I know that, smsing isn't enough..
We have to SHOW our love right?
Hopefully this camp will change me more than I expect it to be..
And hopefully it'll change the world too~

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Final Exam Timetable~

After weeks of waiting..
I finally got my exam time table for this semester!!!
*Anxious anxious*

Hopefully I'll get a really "Goodlooking" timetable...
*Cross fingers*
I'm gonna have to sit for 5 papers this semester..
My coursework marks weren't that good at all..
No hope for getting good results unless I study really hard~!!!
*I don't think I can do that..hee*

*Opens the Timetable webpage*
Exam period starts from Sept 4-21,
and these are my timetable!!!

Moral Sept 5(Fri) 2pm
Logistic Sept 9(Tues) 9am
E-marketing Sept 11(Thurs) 9am *The day of that fateful incedent*
Database Sept 16(Tues) 9am
Entreprenuer Skills Sept 19(Fri) 9am

Overall I think I have a goodlooking timetable..
Pretty happy about it..
Hopefully I can get myself to start studying already..
I haven't started yet and things doesn't look good when I don't study..
*My transcript doesn't at least..*

Peeps~ Wish me luck!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Was feeling lazy last Friday *Due to the lazy week*
didn't feel like going anywhere but I had to go to PJ..
*No matter what I still need to get out of the house!!*
So I sent Yin back and went to Evie's house..
Wanted to go out and have a drink at 1st,
but we had SO MANY movies to watch at home!!
So decided to watch it at her place ler..

Didn't buy tickets HOW TO WATCH??!!!!!!
No tickets then cannot watch movie..
): ): ): ): ):
Lucky Evie was smart..
She got the tickets ready!!!

*Sorry its Upside Down..Don't know why..*

*And I'm too lazy to upload it again..*

Lets see what tickets do we have ya..
1. Once
2. P.S. I Love You
3. A Walk to Remember

Now we can watch anywhere we want to!!
Okay okay..So we watched Once..


Its a music themed movie..
Pretty nice *For me*
The songs are nice too!!!
Since I didn't really hear much review about it,
I didn't expected much and I wasn't disappointed~

After the movie we decided to get the OST..
But since we didn't wanna buy the Original SoundTrack,
I cut the songs out from the computer..
So we failed to get our OST..
But we got our NSOST aka PST!!!
NSOST = Not-So-Original SoundTrack
PST = Pirated Soundtrack

Hehe~ It was a relaxing day watching a pretty relaxing movie..
Oh..The ending was sweet!!! But kinda sad, you see...
*I know you guys aren't gona watch it so i'm gonna tell you!!!*
In the end, Glen Hansard liked Marketa Irglova *the two above*
But Marketa's husband went to look for her FROM RUSSIA..
*She was from Russia*
So Glen left, and bought her a piano *which she's really good at!!* as a goodbye gift..
I think, its the best gift she ever recieved..hehe~

Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová
*One of the songs - Falling Slowly*

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Last week = Lazy week
This week = Busy week

I haven't been updating my blog..
My last post was more than a week ago!!
*Yeah I'm a lazy bum*

Why did the sloth wave of air pollute my brain lately?
It all started when I had to work as a promoter in a hypermarket..
I had to undergo the most torturing time of my life this year~!!!!
*Okay it was OVERLY exegerated*
But the truth is, I don't like this work at all..
I had to stand at 1 spot for 8hrs while promoting the toothpaste for sensitive teeth..
*Sensodyne - Clinically proven for sensitive teeth*
The product was good, the job environment fair..
But I'm just not the right kinda guy for this job..
*Yeah I'm admitting it!!*

So, after 2 weekends *4 days* of life threatening torturing job,
I decided to give myself a break and be lazy for 1 day *Just 1 day*
The next day, I didn't do anything in the morning..
and the lazy mood filled the air for ONE WEEK!!!!!
*Incredible eh??*

So, 1 whole week of 0% production..
All my work piled up..
*I'm drowning*
This week, I was supposed to have a different set of responsibilities~
This week's responsibilities + last week's leftovers
Gosh!! How can I finish my things??!!!
*Padan muka, right?*

No choice..
Have to move my lazy bum,
spank my lazy bottom,
and start doing things one at a time!!!
GAMBARU-YO Leslie~!!!!!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

七夕 - The Chinese Valentine's Day

Some said its a Valentine's day for married couples..
Some said its Purple Valentine's day..
Some said its just another seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar..
There are many versions of how 七夕came about..

七夕, explained from the word itself means the seventh night..
So, what's so special about this night?
*头七is also the seventh night mer, counting from the day of death of a person*

You see, there's a story to this day..
*Don't all chinese festivals do??*
A young cowherd named 牛郎 happens to cross seven fairy sisters bathing in a lake.
Encouraged by his mischievous ox *The ox can talk? Or he's just giving a lame excuse?*
he steals their clothes and waits to see what will happen.
The fairy sisters elect the youngest and most beautiful sister 织女to retrieve their clothing.
She does so..Since 牛郎 has seen her naked, she must agree to his request for marriage.
She proves to be a wonderful wife, and 牛郎 a good husband.
They lived happily and had two children.
But the Goddess of Heaven finds out that a mere mortal has married one of the fairy girls and is furious.
She had 织女captured back to heaven.
Down on Earth, 牛郎 is very upset learning that his wife is gone.
Suddenly, his ox begins to talk telling him that if he kills him and puts on his hide, he will be able to go up to Heaven to find his wife. *So..the ox could REALLY talk..*
With tears flowing, he killed the ox, put on the skin and carrying his two children with him and off he went to Heaven to find 织女.
The Goddess found out he had come and was very angry.
Taking out her hairpin, the Goddess scratches a wide river in the sky to separate the two lovers forever..
thus forming the Milky Way, which separates Altair and Vega *They are stars*

*Picture of the couple with their children*

Sad story isn't it??
Well, at least they were happy before and have 2 children..
Without them, this day wouldn't mean anything already, right?
Hopefully those who're in love will treasure their lovers as we don't know when we'll lose them..
As for those who's still waiting, Goodluck to us!!! *Yes..US~!!!!*

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

People from two different worlds~

Can people from two different worlds be together?
I believe that even if the two of them are worlds apart,
they can still be together as long as they have the heart to..

Sometimes people say, "We're worlds apart, we cannot be together.."
What do they mean actually?
God made Adam and Eve the ONLY pair in this world..
and soon, the world is filled with people!!
So if we're children of Adam and Eve, does it mean that we're all in the same world?
Are we all committing incestrial acts? *Since we're from the same family*

I do not believe that people from two different worlds can't be together..
The window of opportunity is always opened provided you do not close it yourself..
We may step into other people's world, and others may step into ours..
Its just a matter of adapting to it, right?

Pixar is smart..
They made 2 creatures from worlds apart stay together..

*Wall-E and Eve*
Does that mean that Wall-E beat Adam and snatched Eve away?
Okay okay its a lame joke..haha

Oh well, we'll have to see if people from worlds apart can actually be together or not right?
Gosh I hate waiting..But thats the only way~

Tuesday, 5 August 2008



Notice the "US" in between the "TR" and "T" ???
What does it mean??
*Do you know what it means??*

Why put "TR" in front of "US" and another "T" behind??
Just because it sounds better??
Or is there a hidden meaning??

I believe that everything that happens in this world has its reasons and meaning to it..
To trust someone, it means that there must be TRUTH and RELIANCE..
Each and everyday spent with someone you trust will be filled with THANKFULNESS..
So you see..

"Truth" "Rely" "US" "Thankfulness"

We trust people that we CAN believe and rely..
and we're thankful for having them..

Anyone can trust..But not everyone can do it at the same pace..
Some will take a very very long time to trust..
They start their trust level at 0% and increase slowly..
Some people trusts people first..
They start their trust level at 100% and decreases it when they trust is broken..

Which kind of person are you?
Do you put up your defences, or do you let your guard down and feelings free flowing??
I'm the latter..
I find it very much easier to trust people, but hard to gain their trust..
*Hey, this doesn't mean I can be bullied okay~!!!!*

People often trust and get hurt...
This often contributes to why they do not trust anyone anymore..
Can you love someone you don't trust?
Or you can actually love that someone and is always suspicious?
*Isn't that tiring??*

Have you TRUSTED lately??