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Sunday, 29 June 2008

I'm Sorry~

I'm sorry if I bugged you with all the emo-ing going around lately..

I'm sorry if I ignored your calls and messages because I was ignored..

I'm sorry if I said I'm moodless and went missing right away..

I'm sorry if I woke you up at 3:30am because I wasn't feeling alright..

I'm sorry if I never used the sanitary pad for a long time..

I'm sorry for saying all these sorries which you didn't like to hear..

I guess I've said enough sorries for you to hear your whole life..

Thanks for being there for me everytime I need you, and being ignored when I didn't..

I'm sorry..


When the opera ends and the curtains closed..
Its over~

When the movie ends and credits rolling..
Its over~

When the train finishes its last station for the day..
Its over~

When your heartbeat stops and never returns..
Its over~

When your cheeks got tired of holding a smile..
Its over~

Thursday, 26 June 2008

When the world turns its back againts you...

. . . SMILE and the world will smile back at you~

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I Have more TRUST than EVER!!!!!!

Remember my TRUST water bottle??

Some of you may have seen it before, some of you haven't..
I lost the water bottle during my internship programme..
And thats when I lost my TRUST *Get the joke? If not, nvm...*
Today while having a STARBUCKS session with EVIE, I saw the TRUST bottle sold in a hardware shop..
I bought it..I bought my TRUST back..
I've GOTTEN my TRUST back!!!!
There it is~
*My trust has returned!!!*
I happily carry it home..and when my housemate saw it,
she said "Why you go buy the same bottle??"
"Cuz I like it ma..And my old one lost ddi.."
"Eh, I just got it back for you today!! You left it in Cherlene's car.."
So I've just misplaced my TRUST..But not lost it..
But now i've bought another one ddi..HOW??
Nevermind..Now I have TWICE the TRUST!!!
*Yes..You're seeing DOUBLES and there's nothing wrong with you..*

Twice the trust..Hehe~ So happy~!!!!!

Starbuck Dark Mocha Frap~

After the LOOOOOOOOOONG wait..
I've finally went to STARBUCKS with EVIE to get the Dark Mocha Frap..

*Long waited DMF*

*Dark Mocha TOWER*

*The bottom looks so thin la~*

The drink wasn't quite to my liking..
The combination:

The taste: Kopi Peng Blended..

Seriously, it tasted like that..haha
But heck, I won't let a Mocha "Peng" Blended spoil my day!!
Had a great time with EVIE with the super random topics we can find..hee~!!!!

How GOOD is Bak Kut Teh???

You be the judge...

Location: Centrepoint Bandar Utama

Strawberries STRAWberries STRAWBERRIES!!!!!

I have 3 Strawberry friends..

The 1st was Elizabeth *I don't know if she's still using that name*

Next is Cheryl *She use any -berry names*

Last one is my 4 times junior(Primary, Secondary, NS, College) *PROUDS*
*She's called strawberry tomato*
See..I have lotsa strawberries in my life..
And I'm loving each and everyone of them...
Why do I like strawberries so much? I don't know..
Now, to show off my strawberries~
Evie did this for me because of my strawberry addiction..

*Isn't it lovely??!!!* *Sorry its upside down*
I love Gloria Jean's Strawberries & Cream..

Today, I had Strawberry Milk Tea..

*Yesh..I love Strawberries..*
There are a few strawberries which I didn't have photos about..
Those are Strawberries *The actual fruits bought from Cameron*
Dried Strawberries *Also from Cameron*
Strawberry Milkshake *McD's last Sunday*
Strawberries in the world, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Brilliant Minds at work~

Its amazing how humans can turn this

*Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Oyster Sauce*

into this


I've known that the human mind can be brilliant if they want to..
But never did expect this..hahaha~

If you guys still have no idea which movie did this panda come from then go back to the jungle!!
then you guys should watch KUNGFU PANDA!!!
Its a really adorable animated movie..
Although it is short *only an hour plus* but I enjoyed every minute of it!! *Yinxie as company helps!!*
Yinxie said that we're being big kids watching KUNGFU PANDA!!
haha~ but who cares as long as we enjoyed it right??!!!

Oh I love how they spelled Master Oogway~

There is no charge for AWESOME-NESS!!!!
So why are we being charged for watching this AWESOME movie??

The BEST Movie with the BEST Person at the BEST Time~

Yes..MADE OF HONOUR made my day yesterday..
I happen to be watching the RIGHT movie, with the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT time..
Although my BESTFRIEND expected much more than that, but I'm pretty satisfied with it~

IMO, this movie is NOT best watched with your partner *hehe* but watch it with your BESTFRIEND of the opposite gender *If you have one*
Of course I'll be smart enough not to reveal anything about the movie *as I'm sure there're a few of you who haven't watched it yet..*

According to EVIE, my moodswings change faster than hers..
I was unhappy when I fetched her for the movie *according to her* and as the movie ended, I have this SMILE on my face..and I can't seem to get it off~

Dear dear EVIE,
I wasn't emoing because of the thing you think ler okay..You know how I hate to be late at times..
I know how much you want to watch this movie and I just didn't wanna be late and make you miss the BEST PART of the movie mer..
I was unhappy because I was pretty late..No further explanation needed..
So you see, I'm not EMO-ING okay..

I'm sorry that the movie doesn't meet EVIE's expectations *this is what happen when you WANT to watch it so much and hear lotsa OVERRATED reviews about it right??*
But to me, this movie is a really sweet BESTFRIEND movie..
*Yesh yesh..I've been emphasizing a lot about BESTFRIEND..*
Seriously, of the oh-not-so-many movies I've watch with EVIE, this has to be one of the BEST I've watched..*Not because of the plot, but the company made a hellota difference..More than others..*

I'm not trying to overrate the movie review *I know I have already..*
The reason I had such good review about this movie is because:
1. I've never watched the movie trailer and forgotten about it..
2. I watched it with my bestfriend..
3. Patrick Dempsey is still DREAMY *Can't believe I'm saying that!!!*
4. Michelle Monaghan is oh-so-HOT!! *Totally my type of girl!!*
5. Its the 1st BESTFRIEND sweet romance I've watched *Until EVIE can think of another one*
6. EVIE has been wanting to watch this movie since last year..

Michelle Monaghan is HOT alright!!! *At least in the movie..*

Evie, *once again..*
I love watching the movie with you whether you like the movie or not..
Its so sweet seeing what Patrick and Michelle do in the movie..
I believe that different bestfriends do things differently..
And I believe that we do things the "tissue paper & sanitary pad" way..
We just have to "revive" that already..Start buying Premier and I'll buy Whisper..haha~!!!
I love you, EVIE..
Lets just hope, we can be BFF's and NOT be like the movie..
I sure do not wanna spoil your marriage..haha~!!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A birthday party to remember~

On Father's Day (15th June 2008), I became a bad son because I didn't celebrate Father's Day with my family *hehe* because my family already celebrated it the day before..

Anyways the reason why I didn't REcelebrate Father's Day on sunday is because I have a birthday party to attend..And like the title said, it IS a party to remember..

So why is it so special?
My friend *The birthday girl* is actually in a wheelchair permenantly..I wouldn't call her disabled nor special needed because these kinda people are as normal as we can be..
So, this friend of mine, LING LING lives in Beautiful Gate SS2, a disabled career training centre *thats what they call themselves*

It is surprising to see so many EXTRAordinary people over there..And none of them sat there doing nothing..It is a BBQ party, with 6 BBQ stoves there..Although people in wheelchairs are not able to BBQ by themselves, they helped out by preparing the chicken wing, sausages, corn, drinks, fruits etc *see!!They aren't that disabled afterall..*

I wanted to take photos of that pretty sight but I didn't because I'm not sure if they mind..So I played it safe and just do without the photos..hehe~

The heart warming scene didn't just end there..In fact, it just started..During meal time, I saw many people feeding each other as if the other person could not feed themselves..This is actually a practice they do there to remind each other that someone out there always need their help *SEE!!!Even the so-called-disabled can help people..*

When the sky started to turn dark, it is SHOWTIME for the centre *okay okay, not really showtime* It was actually a presentation about that centre itself..Before starting, we celebrated Father's Day by getting all the fathers out *Including a father with only 20% eyesight* and sang a modified version of a mother's song *Because no one can think of any songs dedicated to fathers..* During the singing session, the children of the fathers came and hug their fathers..Although most of them are already grown ups, but they are not shy to even kiss their dads in front of everyone..At that moment, I couldn't help but wipe the wetness in my eyes because of that scene..

Soon after, its time for the birthday celebration of my friend *and other JUNE babies* and as usual, everyone sang as happily as they can be..

After some fun and games *and also come introduction of upcoming activities* Pei San *A girl that is disabled* wants to do a presentation for everyone..Pei San has a more serious degree of disability..I don't really know what you call it, but she has difficulties controling her limbs, facial, and speech..She looks almost like *Whats that guy's name* Dr. Steven Hawkings..I'm not sure since when has she been like that, but she's been working *Selling newspapers I think* to earn some money and make a good use of herself..

That day, Pei San wanted to present her mother with a gift as a token of gratitute and love..Her mother has been taking care of her endlessly since the death of her father..Despite the difficulty in controlling her speech, Pei San said "Thank you for taking care of me with all your heart, mother. I will always treasure you, and love you with whatever is left of me..This heart, will always be yours."

Eh, you'll be SO heartless if you don't even feel a thing when she said that la *if you're there at least* Knowing how USELESS I can be, my eyes can't even hold on to the amount of tears in my eyes already..hehe~ Just when I was about to take control of my emotions, Pei San took out a box of Eu Yan Sang chicken stock and gave it to her mom..WAH!!!!!! Cannot tahan lagi..Tap open..haha~!!!!

After those events, its time to say bye bye to the place as I head home..Even so, my heart still remains there..and I wouldn't wanna trade that night's experience for anything else..It made me grow..

:: LOVE is not LOVE until it is given away ::

Wednesday, 11 June 2008



Life's this short..
Treasure it..

Monday, 9 June 2008

I'm a Stomach Sleeper~!!! *Hee*

I'm a stomach sleeper~!!
Went to Ikano Power Centre on sunday with my family..
and I saw this!~!!

*For stomach sleepers*

Oooh~ Thats right~!!!I'm a stomach sleeper..
I'm not the others~!!!
So this pillow is RIGHT for me~!!

*This is not my sleeping style*

After Ikea, we went to the curve to makan..
Remember how much I love beef??
Today I made HISTORY!!!
Went to a vietnamese noodle house PHO HOA located next to the teh tarik place..
The beef noodle had SO MUCH BEEF that I got sick of it..hahaha~
But the Salty Plum Soda wan GOOD!!!

*The HISTORIC bowl of beef noodle - Steak and Flank*

After the FILLING lunch, went to cold storage to get supplies for that night's korean BBQ *Yummy!!*
Then I bumped into COOKIE MONSTER!!!!
hahaha~ So happy to bump into it~

*Cookies with cookie monster in it*

That was a really great day~!!! Had my very own adventure..haha~!!!
*Okay I'm hyper...lalala*

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Of Paus and Mantous~

Taken from EVIE *Who's not feeling really good now..*

*Press Ctrl+A to see the answers*
Q: Why does Char Siu Pau feel sad, but the Mantou doesn't?
A: Because Pau has Fillings(Feelings) and Mantou doesn't..

Q: Why does Char Siu Pau cry, but Dao Sha Pau doesn't?
A: Because they have different Fillings(Feelings).

Hehe~ Lazy to blog other things, and EVIE's emoing now, so there's only this post~!!!!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Finally~!!! Something interesting..

I know I know...

Where's my cameron trip and camp post right??
Its taking too long to get posted~!!
Cuz I have so much much much to write about, so I didn't start doing it yet..haha
*kekeke~ I'm LAZY..*

Anyways, I'm sure lots of you had already seen this ad but I don't care~
I wanna post it up anyways~

*Surprise suPRISE~!!!*
For those of you *I know there are many of you* who can't make up your mind what to drink *just like me*
There's SOMETHING for you now~!!!!
Just like the ad said, A surprise in EVERY can~
Means we won't know what its inside until we try it..
Wonder if they accept returns if we don't like the taste????

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Malaysian Cooks should REALLY learn how to cook~

Before my camp, Evie, Yin, and I went for a movie..
*What movie was that again???*
I think its Ironman...right??

Anyways, after the movie, I suggested that we try out the newly found cafe GREENWOOD *Right??*
Its not really new ler just that I just noticed it..haha~
Anyways the price was a lil higher than I expected but don't care, we just tried it..

I ordered strip beef tenderloin *I think* and expected it to be alright..
As usual, I asked for a MEDIUM RARE beef..
Mana tau when it came, I was kinda disappointed~!!!
Its MORE than medium RARE..
Its more like medium DONE!!!!!

So I rejected it without touching it *So there's resell value*
and I asked for MEDIUM RARE beef..
While waiting, my lovely muis camwhored..haha

*Stef's always missing..haha*

After the food came again, *yin almost finished her food ddi* I was once again disappointed..
This was how my MEDIUM RARE beef looked like..

*My beef looks more like 5% done rather than 30% done..*

Sweat okay~!!!How to makan this kinda beef??
Think i'm a carnivor ke???
Anyways I was lazy to reject it again so I challenged myself to swallow that piece of FLESH..haha
It tasted alright, really raw..
But its still alright..haha

*Haha..My greedy face..lalala*

Lets take a look at the FLESH again shall we??

*I cut it open..and this was how it looked like..haha*

So there..Know why Malaysian cooks should really LEARN how to cook??
Or at least, make a DECENT steak for MY sake...hehe~

Cheating people~!!!!

Okay, all these post aren't sorted according to time..
Cuz I have so much to blog about I just blog about the 1st thing I can remember ya..

*Lets begin...*

I was with my family at 1 Utama on 31st May 2008.
That was the day I came back from camp..
We wanted to go to Yoshinoya for dinner,
and as I passed by Burger King *I think its burger king..*
Guess what I saw while walking??

Beef up for only 99sens????
They're SO trying to psycho people wey~!!!
ever since the rounding up system has been practiced,
99sens will be counted as RM1..

They used 99sens instead of RM1 because of the old marketing gimmick..
People will feel that RM1 is more expensive and tend to not purchase..
But in fact, 99sens will be rounded up to RM1..
So there's no difference kan??

Stupid Burger King think that we are stupid eh??
I won't be TRICKED by you BK!!!!!!

*Hops away*

B.I.A: Back In Action~

I'm back from my LONG LONG LONG holidays~!!!!
I have alot to blog about but I just don't have so much time..
Hrm...Nvm i'll just do as much as I can ya~!!!

1st: Sorry dear ol' blog for abandoning you for so long..
2nd: Sorry girls, for being away for SO long~!!!

Okay okay..Lets get started..
*I know you're eager to read my updates again..haha~!!!*