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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Nasi Pataya Mickey~!!

Went to Q-thai to makan just now..
It is a thai restaurant new my office..
Kheng ordered Thai Fried Rice..
and this is how it looks like..

It turned into Mickey Fried Rice..
Was bored..

Yinxie Mui's Birthday(2nd try)~

Okay..The 1st try was a surprise me and eVie because my stupid lil mui secretly 'celebrated' her birthday without us even knowing..
*We know you'll never be satisfied without any surprises, yin..*
So this time, its our time to SURPRISE her~!!!

But 1st, an eye candy..

*Yinxie's Birthday CUPcake*
*Isn't it ADORABLE??!!!*

Its quite hard to plan for a BIG surprise because there aren't many close friends in Malaysia anymore..
*Stef..You're one of the many who left us ): *
Furthermore, our surprise mastermind was having her exams..
So I, who didn't have much surprising experience had to come out with something..FAST!!!

Basically, the whole week was pretty pack..
Fri - Evie's dad's birthday *can't celebrate with yin*
Sat - Yinxie's dancing practice *at night*
Sun - Yinxie's celebrating with her family *In victoria station*

How to celebrate with her now??!!!
No choice, I had to choose Saturday morning..for breakfast..
I know Yinxie wants to go makan dimsum..
*Dunno still valid anot cuz the last time she talked about it was on Valentine'$ day..*

The morning started out well *Especially the part where I had to call Yinli to wake her sister up after 10 miss calls..*
Yinxie hurriedly got ready *Lucky she brushed her teeth* and hopped onto my car..
Then off we go~!!!

Upon reaching, Yinxie was greeted by evie, sann and shzen *She was expecting evie only*
We had fun makaning breakfast..

*Kading snatches bozz's job to wash the tea cups..*

*Portion of what we had..*

*Salad Prawn..izzit?*

*Whoa~ What's so interesting??*

*after the cupcakes made its appearence, I helped light the candle..*

*Evie and Yinxie*

*Yinxie and Shzen Yee*

*Eleh...take self potrait summore~*

*My turn~!!!*

*Somehow, yinxie looks..BLUR~*

Why don't have sann's photo wan ar??

After the brief breakfast, Shzen has to go home as a FENG SHUI LOU is going to her house..
Then I sent yinxie home and evie sent shzen and sann home..

I tell you, SATURDAY MORNINGS aren't a good time to go out!!!
I got blocked by the garbage truck TWICE and had to reverse my way out..
The 1st time was at the road next to yinxie's..
2nd time the road going to evie's!!
No no driving on narrow roads on garbage collecting day~!!!

Why did I go to evie's place?
I was bored that day and decided to see if evie is free so that we can go to the curve to get something..
We went to the curve shopping at the bazaar there..
Got a few things for my friends..
After that we went to Gloria Jeans but didn't drink there cuz we decided to go Dome instead..

Wasn't feeling very hungry yet so we went there for a drink only..
As usual, Evie tries the hot chocolate..
but I can't decide what to get..
I wanted the banana blast, but even I can make it myself with some bananas and yogurt..
So I got the cherrylicious instead..
Its blended and topped with BIG CHUNKS OF DARK CHOCOLATE filled with juicy glazed cherries and coconut.
Sounds not bad eh?

*A shot of the menu~*
*Dark chocolate..YUM~!!!*

*Evie's hot chocolate*

*Evie trying out her drink*

*My cherrylicious*

First look at my drink, its not bad~!!!
But the drink looks funny..
Its not DARK!!!
So I tried the drink out la~
Mana tau its not BITTER!!!
They used MILK CHOC instead of DARK CHOC!!!

Went to get the manager to see if the recipe's correct,
he said it is..
So apalar...its still not bad~haha

*Me trying out mine..*

*Someone's getting bored~hee!!!*

*Camwhoring in the car*

After the curve we went to 1 Utama to watch a movie..
Run Papa Run..
Not a bad movie as well..
thats all la~
Lazy to blog..haha

Monday, 28 April 2008

Yinxie Mui's birthday(1st try)~

2 weeks ago, yinxie ajak evie and I to go starbucks on saturday night..
But unfortunately we couldn't make it as I had to attend my friend's birthday party..
*Hey this doesn't proof that I sayang my friend more than yin okay..*
Instead, I ajak evie and yin out for lunch that day..

We went to *Think think* I-forgot-whats-the-name restaurant..
But I know where is it!!!
Its the Philipine restaurant located right behind *or next to* STARBUCKS in centrepoint..
I suggested that place because I've never tried it before..
And I wanna try all the restaurants available there...
*There is like food paradise k..*

So we were there, and nothing stopped us from taking photos..

*2 Bubbly girls..Stef's missing ): *

*Caught me eating*

*Halo Halo - Before*
*Its Philipino Ais Kacang*

*Halo Halo - After*

I can't really tell the names of the dishes we ate that day..
So I cannot tell also..
I only remember the Halo Halo which evie ordered because its like "Hello Hello"
Anyways the food there is okay only..
Worth a try, not worthy for 2nd visit..

After going home, Yin suddenly msg..
"Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!!"
We weren't even celebrating her birthday with her, its just a lunch..
We wanted to celebrate her birthday with at least a lil surprise..

Yinxie Mui's birthday(2nd try) coming up soon...

Friday, 25 April 2008

A new list in my sidebars..

Hey peeps, its been great that you read my blog!!
THank you thaNk you!!!

Anyways I've just added a slot "Places I go on a regular basis"
This slot shows some links to some interesting sites i've been to *and am still going*
Visit it some times..Its worth your time..Lolx~

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Winnie the Miao's bithday party..

Started my week with a boring monday..
You all know how boring was it right?
Cuz I written 5 posts in a row..

But heck, the night was fun~
Why was it fun??
Cuz we celebrated Winnie's birthday!!!
*Actually her birthday's on Wednesday*
But we decided to celebrate it on Monday cuz its Siew Ling's last day..
*If we didn't celebrate it then, she might not ba able to make it anymore*

That day after work, we wanted to walk to Pavilion *Usual hangout place*
As we walk out of the building *POURS*
OMB!!! It was raining~!!! Not really heavily but its pretty impossible to walk to Pavilion without getting wet..
Lucky Wei Hou brought an umbrella..
*Ever since I got sick early this month, I stay outta the rain already..*
And because of that, whenever it rains, Cherlene has to go get my car..

But Monday was different, Cherlene went to get HER car..
Because we drove 2 cars there so that the 7 of us can go home by car at night..

That day, traffic was bad..
Its partially caused by the Olympic torch because it was supposed to pass by my office building and obviously there are lotsa police there..
After some time, we reached Pavilion..

We dine at TGI Fridays that night *Because of the birthday rap!!!*
*Oh btw, Yinli was at TGI Fridays at a different time, different location that day..*
*Totally random*
Okay okay..I'll skip the boring part and move on to the photos..
*I know you only wanna see the guy kissing photos*

So here goes~!!!

*TGI Fridays*

*Guess what is this?? Its not a painting of a full moon*
*I was acting weird and took the photo of the lamp at our table..From the inside..*

*Birthday girl & Kheng*

*Fung is always acting silly*

*Then the birthday girl joins him*

*Cheers to the Birthday girl!!! with chilli sauce*

*Wei Hoe using salt and pepper?? =_= *

*Lene on Winnie's lap*

*Soda and Sauce*

*Here comes the fooD~!!! Macandcheese bites*

*Ultimate nachos YUM!!!*

*Forgot-what-chicken Pasta*

*Chicken Parmesan*

*Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp*

*Here comes the ice cream..Look at everyone's greedy look~!!!*
*Cherlene and Siew Ling*

*Kheng's hand*


*Wei Hoe*

*Kheng again*

*Lene "kissing" Winnie*

*While waiting for the Birthday Rap*

*Jong Kheng went bonkers~!!!*

*Wei Hoe acting cool~*

*Birthday CAKE arrived!!!!*

*Before our photo session..the staff played with my camera..*

*A small part of the birthday rap gang*

*Groupie photo~!!!!!*
*Ling, Hoe, Winnie, Kheng, Lene, Me, Fung*

*Cuddle cuddle prank prank!!!*

*Look at the surprised birthday girl~!!!*

*The 1st bite of the cake*

*The dare game..Taking photo with DAI LOU*

*This is not the dare game..its free will~*

*This IS the dare game~*

*We caught Fung feeling bored LOL*

*Makan Cake la!!!*

*Self Proclaimed Birthday Boy*

*Happy moments*

*Baby Fung and Sitter Kheng*

*Change to baby sitter Lene*

*Besties in the office..Actually we're all besties!!*

*The photo you've all been waiting for..the KISS!!!!*
*Wei Hoe*


*Orgasmic Kheng*

There~ The wait is OVER!!!!!!!
Enjoy the photos but pls...Don't snatch it..LOL!!!