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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

MeetOut!! [Charity Edition]

24 Dec 2008 (Christmas Eve): College Gift Exchange
25 Dec 2008 (Christmas Day): Christmas Party
26 Dec 2008 (Boxing Day): Mamma Mia

27 Dec 2008 (Post Boxing Day): MeetOut!! [Charity Edition]
28 Dec 2008 (Awal Muharam): 1U shopping with family
29 Dec 2008 (PMR Result Day Eve): Dinner at McD's with the poor moody one
30 Dec 2008 (PMR Result Day): Movie at Cineleisure
31 Dec 2008 (New Year's Eve): House Party and Samson's
1 Jan 2008 (New Year's Day): *Something's going on*

Whoa~ I've been "celebrating" everyday since christmas eve..*That's the day I finished all assignments and presentations*
Not bad huh??
Now now, I've blogged up till Mamma Mia and today's update is about MeetOut!! [Charity Edition]

27 Dec 2008

Monica (my sister) told me about an event she's co-organising with a friend Phee Tat..
Its a meet up session where we bring our friends to Long Bar, One World Hotel..
This event was primarily for friends to meet up with friends and get to know more about each other..
But with my sister's brilliant mind, she changed it into a charity edition..

How did she do that??

Firstly, it was a meet up session for Phee Tat's friends only..
*Which I wasn't involved*
But since its a charity event now, the more the merrier and better..
So my sis asked me to support the event..
*and I'm involved now!!*

A charity event MUST have a beneficiary..Who's that??

Sylvia Hyams, one of the six mothers honoured the Mother of the Year on Mother’s Day 2001 by the Kiwanis Club of Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
She's was a nurse filled with compassion.
22 years ago, Sylvia Hyams adopted Peter, a baby who was rescued by a gardener from a drain in the Damansara area with his umbilical cord still attached.
Peter suffered from cerebral palsy, bronchitis and asthma. He was also blind.
3 years later, Sylvia Hyams adopted Charlene, a baby who has Down Syndrome and is mute.
Charlene was found in the hospital canteen when she was still a baby.

Since Oct 31, Peter had been hospitalised for lung infection, first at a private hospital before being transferred to Selayang Hospital.
He experienced breathing difficulties and had to be fed using a tube.
Sadly, Peter passed away recently.
The Hyams' family now faces with hospital bills of more than RM50,000.

Compassion has its price to pay. But is the lemon worth the squeeze?
To Sylvia Hyams, I'm sure it is.

How did we raise fund for them?

Okay, this event was primarily for networking..
So a nice place was chosen..
*I know..We could raise more funds if we go to cheaper places!!*
But no one SHOULD criticise us for it because we raised funds IN CONJUNCTION with the meet up session..

Other than meeting old friends whom we didn't meet for years,
We had a donation box which people can donate money at their own free will..

*Star of the night*

We also had a mini auction for people to auction out their things (including themselves) and the money will go into the donation box as well..
There are auction items like wine, liquor, dates (with real humans), kisses (by real humans) etc..
This is how it works..

1st. The winning bidder has to insert the money in the donation box..

Then, he claims his prize!!!

*This is the kiss-on-the-cheeks auction..*

Then there's the movie date auction..

I bid the Khoo twin sisters (Su Ann and Su Lin) for RM150..
But the prize doesn't go to me..
It goes to someone I was bidding for..*hehe*

Monica was auctioned out too!! Winning bid at RM430..
Winner: Daddy
Daddy wasn't protecting his daughter!!
Kenling was bidding for Monica and Daddy just wanted to raise the bid..
Mana tau Kenling only bidded until RM400 before giving up.
Boo you, Kenling..RM430 was my dad's final call..
You could've won with RM450..

Then there was a movie date auction for Manhand's Daeren Tan and Day Dream's Ryan Tan..
I don't know who won the bid..
I think its my sister..haha!! *Refer to photo*

Oh yeah!! And then there's a pool competition and a dart competition..
Entry fee is RM10 and the money will go to the beneficiary as well..
The winner walks away with a bottle of wine..

So many different activities to raise fund right??

Okay okay..Now, who went for the event??
Its organised by DJians!!
Of course there are chicks la right??!!! *Since we're so famous for lengluis..*

Yeah..My parents are there to support my sis's work..hehe~
They're pretty cool with charities..
So yeah..My family is a charitable family..
The whole family spend more than RM700 for donation + auctions..
Thats slightly over 30% of the funds collected..

Other than DJians, lots of my friends are there to..
*Thanks guys for coming..*

*DJians + Monash* (left) *Yuk Chai Primary School* (right)

Other than that, there's more DJians..
Not to forget Yvette, the only Tarcian..
Samson, the only Jetavanian *cuz he's the only one I called*
and Desmond, the only IRCian *I knew he'd come even if I didn't call him*

That wraps up the whole thing..hehe~
Oh yeah..We collected slightly more than RM2000 that night..I think~
Its not bad ddi cuz half of us are students, and another half (or less than half) are working..
Well, I sure hope this amount helps the Hyams' family a little..

Really miss seeing you peeps there..
So long~!!!

Monday, 29 December 2008

I've got my pass..Have you?

9 - 11 Jan 2009

YOUTH'09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

Finally!! Youth '09 is 10 days away!!!
I''ve got my passes and am not shy to show it off!!


Now now..If you haven't get yours yet, go get it now!!!
Its for youths..and its FREE!!!
We can go there to check things out..
There are load of things to see and do there..
You can check out my earlier post..
*Its not updated though*
Or you can check it out through the banners below..

YOUTH'09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

Now, I've told you what to do and its up to you to do it..
See you there~!!!!

Mamma Mia - The smash hit musical

26 Dec 2008

When was Mamma Mia (the movie) screening on the silver screens??
Oh it doesn't matter..Because during that period my mom booked all 5 of us for 26 December 2008.
*Read the title la!!!*

6pm. Most of us got ready for the night already..
Bathed..Dressed up..Waiting for Daddy to come back from Malacca~
After Daddy finished getting ready, we headed for Istana Budaya for the musical..
*Drive drive drive*
The traffic was good as people go on holiday during this season..
7:10pm. We reached Istana Budaya and was super early because the musical starts at 8:30pm!!
Well, better be early than be late AND sorry right??
So we stood outside the hall and waited for a lil more than an hour before the gates open..

After we were all sitted inside, Eling's parents passed by!!
Was kinda surprised to see them there..
*Honestly, I forgot that you told be before, Ee Ling*
Didn't take any photos there as cameras and any recording devices is restricted inside the hall..

The musical was GOOD!! Musicals are always good!! hehe~
Its better than the movie I must say..
Because I choose stage plays over movies ANYTIME!!!
Its hard for me to describe the play but if you watched the movie, just visualize it on a stage..
Because the lines and songs and story is exactly the same!!

Before leaving, we took a lil photo as souvenirs..
*Because a printed t-shirt with the word "Mamma Mia!!" on it costs RM60*

Next stage play: Puteri Gunung Ledang (again!!!) *Well, if my parents wanna go*

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas - Season of GIVING

DANGER: Long post ahead..

[Christmas Eve]

Its SAD..We had to have classes on Christmas eve..
I got a presentation to do at 8am some more!!
Although I had a presentation to do at 8am, I hanged out at Island Red Cafe until slightly past 1am..
Reached my rented apartment in Setapak at about 2, and started doing my presentation slides..
*LOL..damn last minute but I don't work well without pressure..*

So, presentation was okay *as usual*
and it might be a good thing that we have classes on christmas eve..
Because, it means that we can exchange gifts in college~ *WooHoo~*
We *my classmates* exchanged gifts in the lecture hall after the Integrated Marketing Communication lecture..
Everyone who brought gifts stayed back for another 30mins or so..

No point talking so much when photos can do the talking right?
So here goes~!!
NOTE: Look at Sunkel a.k.a. Monkey posing at the background of ALMOST every photos..
LEGEND: (s) Sender (r) Recipient

*Jackson (s) Cherlene (r)*

*Wilson (r) Andrew (s)*

*Yean Ree (r) Lai Kuan (s)*

*Soon Aik (s) Pey Wen (r)*

*Yean Ree got her relative!!*

*Wilson got a LIMITED EDITION fun pack~!!*

*Kelvin (s) Lai Kuan (r)*

*Me (r) Tuck Cheong (s)*

*Pey Wen got a...toy...and a candy cane~!!*

*Cherlene got a pink photo frame??*

*Gah Jin (r) Wilson (s)*

*Tuck Cheong (r) Me (s)*

*I gave him a painted pink vase, and he gave me a tortoise~*

*Gah Jin (s) Andrew(r)*

*Pey Wen (s) Jackson (r)*
*Gift: Shin Chan Mirror*

*Group photo~*

*Andrew can't wait to open his gift~!!*

*Lai Kuan acting cute~*

*Selves Portrait*

*Two top students*

So..Didya see Sunkel posing up there? If you didn't, look again..He's in most of the photos~!! Oh well, that ends our gift exchanging session..
Some of us went back home, some went dating, some went to Jackson's house for barbeque that night..

Next up~!!


Spent my christmas with my family..and extended family!!
Christmas is a great time to spend with your family..isn't it??
As usual, one of my aunts in Klang will organise a party at their place..
*Chinese New Year's always my family*
Went there, ate, talked, laughed, played games and had a good time~!!
Daddy was the Santa Clause of the day~!!!

Again, I'll talk more with photos..
The initial plan to surprise everyone *and make them laugh* was to get changed in the car and enter the house as Santa Clause..
But mana tau when we arrived there, we got a reserved parking space right under the porch and everyone saw us..
*Plan B*
Daddy went upstairs to get changed..
Though some of them notice, the majority were just minding their own business..
and TADA~ Daddy came down as Santa Clause~!!

*Daddy getting ready to be Santa Clause*

*Santa Clause made an entrance~*

*Santa Clause distributing gifts*

*Monica as Santa's helper*

*Doing a good job*

Somehow, one of my niece was frighten by Santa..
*Perhaps she thinks its Santa Claws*
So daddy had to reveal his true self to her to calm her down..

*Santa Revealed!!*

*Never miss a chance to take a photo with Santa*

After distributing all the gifts, my niece and nephew, Ruth and Joshua did a few performance..
They did a couple of piano duets, sang christmas songs, did piano solo and did a sketch about Jesus' birth..

After that, its fun and games~!!
The 1st game was for the youngest generation only..
*I'm the middle generation out of the 3*
The game's simple..
We grouped all the kids according to their age and they had an eating competition!!

*Cousin Robert giving his daughter a lil support*

*Starts to feed his daughter*

*Since his daughter refuse to eat, he feeds Joshua (boy in blue)*

*Other kids are trying to swallow as fast as they can*

*Ruth's team finished eating!!*

Okay, next game involves everyone..
Male adults worth RM0.20
Female adults worth RM0.50
Kids worth RM0.05
Everyone who wants to play has to gather each other as a team to get the amount appointed by the game master..


*Cousin Robert's daughter << >> Cousin Jia's daughter*


Cousin Piang's daughter is one of the cutest weih!!
She likes the camera, but yet she's camera shy..haha~!!!

Cousin Vi Vian with her son..Phillip *right??*

*Posing after we lost..*

*Daddy helping Cousin Sharon's daughter with Santa's bell*

*GRAND aunt and GRAND uncle babysitting their GRAND niece..Haha~*

Okay, now for the 3rd game..
This game is actually a league..
Everyone who wants to play is divided into 3 groups..
and the league consisted of 2 games..
The 1st game is super funny!!

*This is ME!!*

So, what am I doing??
The game goes like that..
Each team as to tie a strand of long bean at their back *like the photo*
and their goal is to insert the long bean into the bottle and touch the surface of the water inside..
The team which finishes fastest wins!!

My entire family is the most sporting I tell you!!
No one hesitated at all although semua image hilang..
Want prove?? I'll show you prove..

There, first you try to insert the long bean into the bottle mouth without using your hand..

And touch the surface of the water once it went it!!

Of course, there are some awkward positions like this one..Her skirt's blocking her view..
This game got everyone laughing..

The game was pretty fun..haha~
and the results:
1st - Team 3 [15 pts]
2nd - Team 1 (My team) [10 pts]
3rd - Team 2 [5 pts]

The next game was treasure hunt..
Each team is given a list of items that they need to find within the house compound..
Points will be awarded like the game above..

*Ruth gave up her hair pin for the game*

*Looks like Joshua found something*

*Team 1 seeing what do they need..*

*Things are looking pretty optimistic here*

*Cousin Jia and her son*

*Vi Vian just lend me her hair clip*

*OMG!! The thing broke!!*

*Team 3 checking all their stuff*

*She's the one who cried when Santa arrived*

*Christmas tree with gifts!!*

*I wonder what Joshua found*

1st: Team 2 [15 pts] (20 pts overall)
2nd: Team 1 [10 pts] (20 pts overall)
3rd: Team 3 [5 pts] (20 pts overall)

In the end, all 3 teams tied~!!!

Hui Si :"Sien lor.."

Ruth, Joshua :"What's gonna happen next??!!"

*Apa lu tengok??*

*Cousin Robert's youngest daughter*

Both :"Yaye, we get a tie breaker!!"

So, what's the tie breaker??
There was the kids eating competition..
Now there's the adult eating competition!!

"Walao, is this all??!!"

"Don't be threaten by his taunt.."

"Which should I eat 1st?"


"Cup cakes are hard to swallow.."

"Use water to soften the cakes"

"Jeng jeng jeng..2nd cup cake coming up!!"

"Walao..He finished the 2nd one already??!!"

"I just finished 1, he finished 2 ddi..Dunit to play ddi la~"

"Mwehehehe..You can't beat me!!"

"Aihz..Susah payah..still got 2nd.."

*The presents*

*3rd place*

*2nd place*

*Grand prize winner!!!*

*Yaye!! I got Chocolates!!*

*Proud to be 2nd*

"WHAT??!! I get instant noodles??!!!"

"Hah!! I got a ribbon and Pringles!!"

"OMG!! I didn't get anything!!"

This wraps up the whole christmas party..
Thank you for spending time reading the super long post..

PS (Eling): This is what you call a LONG POST!!!