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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Yinxie's 21st Birthday Dinner

Short post short post!!!
Since there'll be people blogging about this.

Went to Decanter to celebrate Yinxie's birthday dinner.
Overall, not a bad place.
GOOD food, GOOD environment, *Most importantly* GOOD company.

Next up!! Photos~

*People there*

Yinxie, Xiang, eVie, Sann, Shzen, Jing, Me!!!

*Decos and lighting*

*Food and Drinks*

1. Sann and Shzen's Hainanese Chicken Chop
2. Jing's Spinach soup
3. eVie's Chicken *Makes Sann and Shzen's dish look like kiddy meal*
4. Vienna Coffee
5. Seafood Vongole
6. Bread & Butter Pudding
7. Ceasar Salad
8. Birthday Cake!!


*Birthday Girl *

*Ni Gu, coursemate saya!!*

*Bozz yg aku sayang!!*

*eVie yg comel!!*

*Jing Sern yg happy!!*

*Mana satu lagi Stef??*


*Budak Kecik*

*eVie yg terkejut*

*Birthday Girl dan aku*

*Yinxie looked so happy eating the cake*

*Jing Sern yg poser*

*Birthday Gifts*

Meaning of the gifts:
Lock Bracelet - Since Yinxie should be receiving her key necklace from her parents as a symbol of freedom on her 21st birthday, we decided to lock her up so that she'll be ours until we want to free her.

Every lock must have a key, in this case, the keys are with eVie and I!!! Wanted to give one to Stef but she's not here yet ):

*Birthday Cake*

*Sticky the unfaithful one*

Sticky Dates Pudding & Caramel Sauce
Stick berdating dengan Pudding dan Sos Caramel.
*Tsk tsk*
Doesn't matter if you get it. LOL!!

Till next time!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Be an Angel - Breaking Barriers, Enabling the Disabled

Yesh, I know you missed me~

Its been 3 weeks since I last blogged?
Well, nothing much to blog before this also, plus I don't have the time.
A quick update on whats going on in my life.
Working sucks!!! It really sucks!!!
Being tied to commitments and responsibilities like work isn't nice at all.

I wish I'm still in college.

Okay, now you know the reason why I stopped coming online/facebook/MSN/plurk/blog is because of the no-life-work.

Today is an eventful day.
Started off with only Be an Angel Telematch and Yin's birthday.
But last minute notices made me go for a primary school mini reunion/gathering, Youthopia "launching" and birthday gift hunting.
But as my title say, I'm only gonna do the telematch...for now.

1st, a little background on Be an Angel Program.
Be an Angel is a 3d2n *3 days 2 nights..mind you* camp for both PWD(persons with disabilities) and MFH(More Fortunate Hoomans)
The main purpose of the camp is to let the MFH understand PWDs more as in knowing their needs as well as how to assist them in needy time.
I think thats the main purpose...roughly.
*Serena, or anyone reading this. Kindly correct me if i'm wrong!!*

Anyway, this morning's telematch is a pre-camp event to get everyone heated up 1st.
Its a very good morning exercise too!!!

On with the agenda..
First thing first - Registration.

*Participants and guest signing in their BIG name*

*Mei Leng by the counter*

*Registration Counter*

*Scouts helping to set up tents for shades*

*There is even Medias!!*

*Participants waiting for the event to start*

*Volunteers foolling around as usual*

*All Reds???*

*VIP??? He's someone important from 5G*

*Coordinators getting ready*


Opening Ceremony

*Out comes the MC!!! Beauty(right) and the Beast(left)

*Clap clap clap*

Speech Giving * times*

*Ms Sia Siew Chin - Beautiful Gate*


*Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun...right??*

After a few speeches, appreciation tokens were given..

*VIPs of the Day*

and suddenly photogs flock the entire place!!!

*There were SO many Dslr there*

*Not taken by me. I didn't wanna squeeze with those photogs*

*Most of them were medias. Except for a few like this one*

After all the official *yet hypocritic* agendas, the participants are divided into groups of 10.

*Once again, photogs (non medias) flock around the team that has Malaysian Idol winner Daniel Lee..*

*..and he is not happy*
Lol, its just a candid shot. He's not even angry, he's friendly.

Ice Breaking..
This is where I became lazy to run around with my kit lens and 50mm.
So I brought out my 70-210mm F4-5.6 and keep my distance so I don't have to RUN!!!
Surprisingly, I find it nicer to use. In daylight of course!!
Maybe because its easier for closeup shots.

So, what's for ice breaking?
Participants must retrieve the scroll in a tube of ice by any means, without causing impact to the ice.
Meaning you must melt the ice, not break it.
Now this is what I call...Ice melting???

*Participants doing their thing*

*Then a fellow scout thought of a brilliant idea to use the heat from the floor*

*Then a more brilliant idea comes out?? The ARMPIT!!!*

*The HEAD!!!*

After getting the scrolls out from the ice, teams are given their 2nd game instruction.

*Everyone reading carefully*

Meanwhile, Mak Dao aka Beast took the leftover ice and "interviewed" the spectators..

*Playing = flirting???*

After the 1st game, I wasn't really into the games anymore because I was learning how to shoot with my 70-210mm F4-5.6.
So here are some candid close up shots.
Note that all these are candid shots eventhough they look as if they were looking at me.
I was 50metres away.

*He looks evil holding a gun*

*Wing doing the bunny dance??*

*Daniel Lee*

*988FM DJ Yin - I think I went too upclose, shows a lil imperfection of her...complexion*

*Eewen - one of my favourite posers*
If you haven't noticed yet, we're a bunch of crazy people with lotsa crazy poses.
Among the best are Wing, Eewen, Mak Dao Sean. They top the chart!!

2nd game..

I don't really know what this game is all about as I didn't even read the instructions. But 2 people are blindfolded and another one has to direct them (in a language no one understands) to their destination.

While the two poor fellas were blindfolded..

*Evil coordinators and MC preparing their plot*

And the worst combination is unleashed!!!

*Powder + Water = ???*

*Yin getting powdered!!*

*Oh did I mention there's water balloons too??*

While everyone's having fun, stupid beast went around "interviewing" people once again.

This time..

"XXX, do you think I'm hemsem??" *Points the watergun at XXX's head*
"Yes!!!" "Oh, thank you for being honest.."
"No???" *Fires watergun on face*
He did that to 20+ people???

In the end..

*..It doesn't even matters*

I leave as soon as I got my last shot as I have to rush to Jaya One for the gathering *Was 1hour late*

Right before the event ended *without me* people took the chance to have their photos taken with the Malaysian Idol.

And then, its the volunteers time to cheer!!!


*Never gonna forget this crazy bunch*

Too bad cHieN couldn't make it as she has to go to MVEC for the job fair to send her resume. Else it'll be more fun!!!
Missed out la cHieN..