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Friday, 28 November 2008

Kite Flying Day~!!!

Finally~ Something to blog about after so long..
Haven't been free to go out with anyone lately..
*Blames work, studies etc*

Friday..No class today *Yaye!!*
Someone suggested to go kite flying a week ago..
And as their good good friend, of course ler must support every decision they make..
I waited all day long till 4:30pm to pick Yi Shan up..
After that, we picked Eling up too and head for Selayang lake*Metropolitan according to Eling*

When we were there, I get to take a MARVELOUS photo!!

*Photo 1*

*Photo 2*

Don't know who's idea is it to fly kite during raining season!!!
*Points at Eling*
Kite Flying Day Plan FAILED!!!
Since it was raining pretty heavily when we arrived, we had to go somewhere else because we look stupid going to a park when its raining heavily..

Next destination..Sri Damansara McD's!!!
*Its a bad idea since we're going for dinner in Selayang later but there's NO WHERE ELSE to go!!*
Once we reached McD's, 3 Oreo McFlurry, 2 Large Fries, 1 6pc Chicken Nuggets..
Then head upstairs to chill out..

*Random photo with phone as model - S500*

*Yi Shan - God of Gamblers pose*



*Can't get their eyes outta their phones!!!*
7pm: Had to meet my family for dinner ddi..
Can't join my friends for dinner
and this is what I got for not going..
[ LyNn ]:
why tissue paper seller not coming 2mr night?
tissue paper seller din hold his promises.tissue paper seller going to airport on 2mr night.
tissue paper seller din care for us at all.
tissue paper seller is a LIAR.
tissue paper seller broke his promises.
tissue paper seller always tell lies like:''bcz i care and love you all~''
Hey, I had to choose between friends and family..
So my decision is kinda obvious right?
But anyways, I love you guys and I know you guys love me too..
You'll forgive me and I'll be with you guys soon!!!
So, while waiting for my family,
a couple of photos of the clouds that ruined the kite flying day..

*The sky was pretty clear after 2 hours of heavy rain*

After my family arrived at the appointed place, we went for dinner in one car..
*Saves petrol okay!!*
Where were we heading??
Biz Cafe - Solaris Kiara~!!!
*Nice lights*
*Waves in the ceiling*
*I like the tree prints on the wall*
*C'mon..Focus on the egg chair, not my sis
*There's a X'mas tree near where daddy's sitting~*
Now for the DRINKS!!
*Ice blended Kiwi, Honey milk in the background*
*Mother and daughter enjoying the honey milk - Yummy!!*
*Black Vienna*
Its white isn't it? Why call it BLACK Vienna?
Takde creamer la dey, Vienna 'O thats why its called BLACK Vienna..
And the MAIN COURSES arrive!!
*Chicken wrapped in Ham*
*Yakitori (Grilled Chicken) with Sushi rice*
*Seafood Speghetti*
*Beef wrapped something-I-forgot*
*Pan fried Salmon*

*My family*

I forgot to take photos of the DESSERTS!!!
Oh well, basically the food there are pretty small in portion but its enough for my family..
Desserts were AWESOME!!!

Review of Biz Cafe - Solaris Kiara:
Worth a few visits..
Nice Ambience..
Nice food..Desserts..
Lack of variety of drinks!!!

After dinner, we went to the place we like to shop most!!
Cold Storage~!!
Why Cold Storage?
Because it is pretty high end and you can find different different nice things over there..

This practically ends the whole day~
I don't know what to write anymore..
*Thanks for reading!!*

Monday, 24 November 2008

SBS Night a.k.a RM10 Prom..

Just went for the cheapest Prom I've ever been too..
The ticket costs us RM10!!
There's a promotion summore..
Buy 10 get 1 free..
So its RM9 for the prom ticket!!!

Can't expect much from a prom like that right?
Didn't expect to have food served, but there is..
Didn't know it so we missed the food..
*Their "dinner" was served at 5:30pm*
Not gonna talk much about the prom because I didn't do much there..
The hall was all dark except for the very well lit stage..
Since we're all dressed up for the occasion,
We snapped photos..
But I wasn't in the mood to snap any so there's not much to see..
Only a few teaser photos for you guys~

*In the car while waiting for the others*


That pretty much covers the whole prom..
As you can see, the hall was all DARK!!!

Prom ended at 9pm but we left a lil bit earlier..
we had to because most of us are starving already..
So we went to Sri Hartamas to have dinner..
The place changed alot..
Not much place to makan there except for the few korean restaurants there..
In the end we went to Soul'd Out..

Well, Soul'd Out was the usual same..
Many people, okay food, not bad environment..
Nothing much to say here too because all we did there was eat, chat, and photos..
Surprisingly, the food that day for better than expected!!

*Mango Prawn Salad*

*Sake-san Pizza*


*Chicken Cordon B-lurrr*

*Grilled Salmon*

*Oil light - Unedible*

These were the 4 things we ordered for our table..
There were 11 of us but only 4 of us shared our food so I only have the photos for our food..
Yes, the food was better than expected except that cordon b-lurrr...

Anyways this ends a speedy update on my RM10 9 prom..
There will be another better prom for

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Luo Ting Yan's new surnames~

Super crazy conversation between Eling and I..
Its about Ting Yan's name..

*So..What's so funny about her name?*

I shall introduce her to my blog readers now..
*Meet Ting Yan (left)*

Just ignore the person on the right *Laughs*
It all started like this..
During camp, Wen Yea *No photo* was talking to Eling *Right in the photo*
She said:" Ting Yan right, Ting Yan right..."
The nearly-tone-deaf Eling heard "Ting Dian (停电) right, Ting Dian right.." *Meaning: Electricity outage*
Quite a number of us heard and thats the beginning of Ting Yan's nightmare!!!!!

Just now while talking to Ting Yan online,
I asked her not to Ting Dian *Meaning: Cut the powerr supply* because I wanna do my work..
It was meant to be a joke and she took it very well..
Then I asked her to change her surname to "Mei" *Our camp leader's surname* that she'll be called 没停电*Meaning: No electricity outage*

Soon after that, I told Eling..
And hence our conversation..


"ting dian changed her surname ddi..She's now the sister of the last camp leader..haha"
"mei ting dian (没停电)~!!!!! hahaha"
"yeah yeah~!!!!ting dian (停电) very must be mei ting dian(没停电)!"
"she can be my sis too~~" yao ting dian (要停电)*Meaning: Wanna have electricity outage*
"cannot!!!!dowana ting dian!!!"
"can be qiong qian's sis also~!!"
"hahahahahahahaha...deng ting dian (等停电)*Meaning: Waiting for power outage* leh???hahahaha"
"qiong qian ar~!!wu ting dian (无停电)*Meaning: No power outage*~!!hahaha but deng ting dian (等停电) is cool~hahaha"
"but me talking about deng ting dian (等停电) ma...haha wu ting dian (无停电) i know..haha"
"den if beckham *a girl* marries u den she can be ur xu ting dian (也许停电) *Meaning: Perhaps power outage*~!!!!"
"weih~!!!!!!beckham marries zhi ying wan la..."
"den ye ye ting dian (夜夜停电)*Meaning: Power outage every night* everynight also ting dian ahahah~"
"she can be so many ppl's sis and daughter"

*Here's a photo of Zhi Ying(Left) and Beckham(Right)!!

Its amazing how can 1 person's name be transformed into a conversation topic..haha
I wonder if that poor Ting Yan will be able to sleep despite the sneezing she will get when we talk about her..hehe~

Lesson of the conversation:

Think carefully before giving your children a name..
And never ever let Wen Yea call you names again!! *haha*

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Suspense Suspense~!!!!

Answer this question...
What is the best way to keep a person in suspense??
*Guess it before looking at the answer*











I'll tell you next year~!!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Tissue Paper Sailor

WeatheR Report:
It is predicted that a season of good weather is arriving starting today. Light breeze, 28 degree Celsius. Minor rain and sunshine for rainbows. No choppy seas. Will be smooth-sailing for tissue paper sailor.
-End of Weather Report-

-By Evie-

Tissue paper sailor has been out at sea for a long long time. Wishes to rest in an island but there doesn't seem to have one. Today he's gonna sail the sea of assignment and tuition, then river of bachelor's night. Tomorrow he'll be in cousin's wedding ocean and Sunday FRIM straits and camp sea again. No sign of any island.

-By Tissue paper sailor-

This is a voyage of Tissue paper sailor. We hear stories about his journey and his adventures. But little do we know that every time Tissue paper sailor goes out to sea, he's scared. We do not know how tired he will be when he gets back. We do not even know when will he find an island to set foot on. But Tissue paper sailor is strong. He is determined that no matter what kind of adventure he's gonna go through, he'll learn more and more and the tiredness he feels after each adventure will be worthwhile.

There's nothing to worry about. Tissue paper sailor is fine and will be fine. Although normal tissue paper will be "vanquished" every time they got wet by water, but Tissue paper sailor is a super absorbant that no sea can ever break its spirit

One day, Tissue paper sailor will reunite with Sanitary pad to fight the evil of the sea! By then, every living creature on Planet Earth will become extinct because...

...there won't be any water left!!!
*Super absorbant wert!!!!!*

Friday, 7 November 2008

:: Night by the lake ::

*Continued from the last post*

...So after the mini surprise birthday party, Eewen was still hyper..
She suggested that we go to the lakeside while having beer..Tony and Alice agreed almost instantly!!!
*Well, one's not feeling really jolly, and another one..I dunno*
cHieN said that she's tired *after badminton and all* so she went back with her badminton friends..
So sad...Don't have cHieN ddi..

After getting some beer, we went to the lake by the mines..
I haven't been there for a long long long time..
and now that i'm there with my camera, I made wonders!!hehe~

*If I could live there....*

*Tony pose*

*Meteor garden???*

*Emo shot* *I love these photos*

*I love this photo too~*

*Back 2 back*

*Talents can't contain their feelings anymore~!!!*

There are quite alot of photos summore actually, but it'll be too many for the eyes...
Most of them are quite the no point kan???
Now now..where to go shooting next??

Night out with beautiful photos..

I guess by now i'm known as the blogger-with-super-late-posts..
Hehe~ Was supposed to write this post on Monday but I procrastinate until now..
*Bloggers procrastinate blogging??*

Went out with some friends I met from the 30 Hour Famine Camp..
It was a surprise mini party for a nice friend, Eewen..
Of course, I'm not so free to initiate the idea..
cHieN *Her close friend* said she wanted to surprise Eewen,
so I helped!!

Its really amazing seeing those two girls together..
Whats amazing is the story behind their friendship..
Wanna know the story??
*Its so out of the topic..but who cares??!!!*

*The Eewen-cHieN story*

You see, it was during the 30 hour Famine camp this year..
The two of them met each other..
Eewen is a caring, sisterly friend..
cHieN on the other hand, talks to everyone but defends her heart alot *Thats what I think*
Normally, for a 2day camp, friendship will go Hi-Bye if you didn't do anything to contact each other..
But surprisingly, the two not-so-close friends became super-close-friends overnight..
Almost everyone asked "How long have both of you knew each other??"
Its hard to believe that 2 hearts that just knew each other can be so close..
Everytime I see both of them, I'm touched because we're priviledged with the ability to love..
*Oh this reminds me of Dan in Life but I'll not elaborate it*

It was nice to finally surprise Eewen..
She wasn't the easy-to-surprise people but the timing was right!!
So here are the photos..
*I find them really beautiful!!*

*The cake that I bought - Rocky Road*

*I love this photo - Wishing making*

*Lesbie - ET, lovely girl..*

*Badminton buddies go COOL*

*Sisterly love~!!!* *Love this photo too!!*

*Model-to-be posing with Eaten-cake-to-be*

*Eewen with Alice* *Grandma??*

*8 for a party..Pretty mini..*

*3 stoogers hanging on the rail...*

Thats pretty much about the mini party..
That night, Eewen was so hyper!!
She didn't wanna go back yet so some of us went to the mine's lake..
Took beautiful photos there but I have no time to blog now..
I'll blog as soon as i'm back from the talk in college~!!!

PS: Please give credits to my camera Sony Alpha A200..
All the photos are captured by it..haha!!!

Will add in more colours when i'm back~!!!