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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Gosh~!!! I haven't been updating my blog until people have to ask me to update it *Points at Egg-gy*

So, what have I been doing lately??
My life's pretty packed now, you see..
*Evie should know cuz I haven't been seeing her for 2 months ddi*

My life (the recent one)
- Studies
Trying to concentrate as much as possible in class now since this will be my final semester in TARC..Don't wanna fail any subjects now..My CGPA has been dropping ever since my 2nd semester of Advance Diploma..From 3.75 -> 3.40 -> 3.22..Ms Soh Yen Loo (My program supervisor) has asked me to see her *I don't think anyone knows that* to talk to me about my grades..See how badly am I doing now??Gotta buck up this semester *Promised her that* and since its my FINAL semester, why not study more just for a few months, right?

- Tuition
My main source of income..Getting more and more involved in tuition now..Why? Because SPM is only a month away and I have to get my student ready for her exams..Have been adding classes, lengthening tuition duration..Anything that can get her ready for the exams!! Hopefully she will do well in her exams..I don't ask for much, as long as she give it her best!!

- Camps
Camps..People know that I just came back from camp when I look tired and really really moody..The lack of sleep and the stress of organising it has taken its toll on me..Like before, I'm in a bad mood lately..This is because I just came back from a camp on Monday *2 days ago* No doubt that I learn alot everytime I go for camp, I'm really happy that I grow with each camp..But sometimes I fall down, sometimes I get hurt..Is it worth it?? I think so, but I don't know..Still, Jetavana needs me and I need it too..

- Work
Another source of my income comes from working for Grey Two *G2* I've worked there as a promoter/supervisor for Sensodyne toothpaste in Giant Stadium Shah Alam in August..It lasted for 2 weeks..They've called me several times to work for them once again but I couldn't make it because of the commitments I have..Now, I started working for them once again..This time, 2 weeks of being a supervisor *Don't need to promote this time* and I have 3 promoters under me..Meaning I have to go to 3 different places in a day..Several times!!!! The money is hard earned money, nett income is VERY little *After minusing the petrol etc* but still, I chose to work for them..Why? I have no idea..

- Leisure
Haven't been doing much for leisure lately..Its always class, tuition, camp, work..Haven't been getting alot of sleep also..The last time I have a afternoon nap is 80years ago!! haha~!!! So not much leisure except for the sweden meatball trip last week..Anymore lately? I'm not too sure..
*Now you see why I seldom blog??*

- Bodhi Workshop
I realise that I've been committing myself in more and more activities..Its not really good for me..Not much time to spare..Anyways I've been wanting to join this workshop for a really long time already but I didn't have the time to spare..Right now, I have the time to spare so I attend their activities..Just started going there not too long ago, so I still know know much about it..Nonetheless, it'll be good for me in terms of my Dharma Knowledge..

I guess there's not much in my life other than these..I've not been seeing my friends lately..I really miss them, but I guess i'm trying to do everything I can before stepping into the working world..I know that once I started working, I'm gonna have to give up all my commitments except for work, and leisure..So please forgive me ya~!!! I'll join you guys soon..

This is the longest post *in terms of word count* I have for a very very long time..And it is one of those which I don't include photos or pictures in it..Why?? Because I am very tired as I didn't have much sleep, and I have to complete my Integrated Marketing Communication presentation for tomorrow..

Sorry for the boring post, but I'm sure those peeps who read it will be my true friends..hehe~

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

:: Oprah's Big Give ::

I just finished watching a reality show that caught my eyes the moment it was aired on the tv..
*You've guessed it!!!*
Its Oprah's BIG Give~

This is a one of a kind reality show!!
Contestants from all over America compete with each other to "give" to the community..
Each and every one of them has a really BIG heart..
Trying to help people in unique ways, and participate in a series of challenges in order to become America's greatest unknown philanthropist..
Really heart warming..

Here are the photo of Oprah and all the contestants..

Many contestants huh??
If you look at the left bottom corner, you'll see Jamie Oliver..
Jamie and another 2 celebrities are the judges of the show as well..

The 1st season had ended..
And the show was SUPER NICE~!!!!
Its a MUST watch, I'll say..
Try watching it..Makes you tear almost everytime..haha!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Dino + Grace's Birthday~

Remember the 30 Hour Famine Camp I went this year??
Well, Dino and Grace (commitees) celebrated their birthday yesterday...
*Dino was yesterday, Grace, earlier..*
So, went to pick cHieN up yesterday..
*Who's cHieN??*

*cHien, meet everyone...Everyone, meet cHieN*

Okay, after picking cHieN up in Serdang..We made our way to Ampang..
I have a really weird disability you know!!!
Whenever I'm driving alone, I'm fine..
But when there's a girl sitting next to me in the car *Whoo* I always got lost!!!
*Okay, didn't exactly get lost, but I used the wrong road..*
Yesterday, the same thing happened...TWICE!!!

While ALMOST reaching Lookout Point *Our destination* we stopped at Old Town due to the traffic light..
And cHieN took my camera and played with it..

*Oldtown with free parking..anyone??*

Upon reaching the destination, all we did there was eat, photo, talk, photo, photo, photo, photo..
So there's nothing much to see except photos right??
My camera alone had 98 photos ddi..
But i'm only gonna choose the nice ones..
Here goes!!!

*Kissy kissy*

*Guys..adorable guys..*

*Try guessing how old is he..*

*We look alike right??!!*

*Looks like he's carrying me..But he's not..*

*cHieN and Sam*

*Started posing..*

*Went outta hand!!*

*Jessie, Me, Wing*

*He did that on purpose!!! I SWEAR!!!*

*THE birthday cake*

*Bee Cupcake*

*Sheep Cupcake*


*Cakap nak feed the birthday boy...*

*...In the end, sendiri makan*

Everyone had a great time seeing each other again..
Some met each other quite often, some rather seldom..
But yet again, its the time of our lives and we enjoyed it!!

And if you're wondering what made me happy??
Its being with friends once again..Something I haven't done for a long time..

Friday, 17 October 2008

My youngest sister's work..

My youngest sister, Crystal has always possess talents in drawing..
And this was what I saw at the back of her PMR exam paper..

*Crystal's Comic - Heartbreak 1*

Its Crystal's Comic - Heartbreak 1 because there's another comic strip on another exam paper..
Of course, it was pencil drawn but I digitize it with Adobe Illustrator CS3..
Its EXACTLY how it looks like on the exam paper..haha

Wait for the next comic strip!!!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Youth '09!!!!!

There was YOUTH '08 this year..
Now theres going to be YOUTH '09~!!!!!

Whats is it all about???

"Earlier in the year, a few of us invited Malaysian youths from all walks of life to meet up. Then you and your friends came. All 20,000 of you.
As 20,000 Malaysian youths gathered, participating in over a hundred different activities, sponsors pitched in RM300,000 worth of cash and prizes for everyone. The buzz created over a million ringgit of media value, and touched the lives of many. Malaysia has never seen such a gathering."
- Quoted by Youthsays

This Year, its gonna be twice the size, anticipating 500,000 youths!!
*The organisers should really learn to count..*
Its gonna be hip, youthful, and fun!! *Cuz I'm gonna be there*

Whats so FUN about YOUTH '09??

These are some of the events in YOUTH '09..

I'm sure these banners do not need any explanation..
Hyped out yet??
I am!!!
If you are, you can click on any banners above to get your FREE PASS!!!
*Yes, you need a pass to get in and I have already got mine!!*
All you need to do to get the FREE PASS is to click on the banners above, or the banner below..

Next, you just have to register yourself, and get your FREE PASS!!!

Oh, I forgot...the details~!!!!
Date: 9-11 January 2009
Time: 10:30am - 9:30pm
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

There!!! Now, move your butt and get your PASS!!
I'll see you there~

Monday, 13 October 2008

What a weekend~!!!

As usual, when there's a charity drive, my parents will be helping out..
So they dragged me along too la!!
Since my sis, Monica couldn't help out because she's having fun in Pulau Pangkor, I had to drag someone with me to take her place..
That lucky one is none other than Eling!!!
*cough cough*
Actually she's chosen only because Chien Huey is working, and Her Sheng is in Hong Kong!!
*Comforts Eling*

So, this charity drive is a Food/Fun fair organised by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to help raise funds for those patients in need..
Date: 12th October 2008
Time: 9am - 3pm
Venue: Boulevard 3 two Square

*Theme of the fair*

This year, we continued selling popcorn *We always do!!*
and there's a new item in the menu~
Home Baked Muffins!!! Chocolate or Banana Flavour..

Had to pick Eling up from her place before heading to the fair..
I reach for my wallet for exactly RM1.60 for the LDP toll..
Didn't have Smart tag at time because it was STOLEN!!
Click here if you don't know what happened..
After holding the money in my hand, I drove to the wrong lane!!!
This was what happened *As illustrated by Eling*

*Went to the right-most lane*

*Reversed when I noticed I do not have a Smart Tag*

*Drove 4 lanes to the left to the cash lane*

Pardon the ugly drawing..
Eling did it..
Oh, if you still don't get it, the black dot is my car, and the coloured circles are other cars..

After laughing over that stupid thing I did, we reached at the fair on time!!
That smart girl don't know how to have breakfast BEFORE I come..
And when we were there, I caught her doing this!!

*Pinch the Banana Muffin*

*Put it in her mouth*

Caught red handed weih~!!!
Think no one will notice the small pinch eh??
Hehe...Actually I see her so pitiful, so I gave her a muffin as breakfast~

Next, I'll introduce my youngest sister, Crystal~!!
She's the popcorn master in my house..
Usually she'll be in charged or making the popcorn, and I pack and seal it..
*Yeah..She do the hard work*

*Busy busy popping corns!!*

*Oily?? But tasty!!!*

*Why so lil popcorn??!!*

Actually there's a reason why there's so lil popcorn in that machine..
You see, those normal popcorn vendors you see outside didn't study marketing like I did!!
The photo above was taken when we're totally sold out and have to make summore due to popular demand!!
Frankly, this is the 1st charity fair I've been where our booth totally went out of stock!!
People have to be in the waiting list to purchase muffin..and popcorn!!!
*When do you need to wait for popcorn??!!!*

People in the fair are patient...Really patient!!!
From that fair, I really experienced "Virtue"
Because people waited for as long as 90mins just for a bag of popcorn!!!
*I wouldn't do that...seriously..*

I didn't really have time to take photos like I planned to..
Because we were all SO busy!!!
So once I get to rest *awhile* I quickly snapped a photo of the neighbouring crowd..
Just for show..

*This is our neightbour*

I didn't even have time to take photos of the muffin daddy and mommy made!!!!
I heard that they were delicious!!!
But I'm not sure..Cuz I didn't get to try them ):

At the end of the day *About 2pm* we closed the stall because we didn't wanna make anymore popcorn and the muffin are totally sold out!!
I don't know how much did we collected *Because we don't have the key to open the box*
But there's a teaser to let you guys see how full the box was..

*Its really really full*

After we cleaned up, my parents took us to makan tengah hari *at 3pm*
We had Roast Duck Rice!!!!
After makaning, Eling told me she don't eat duck..
But she ate it anyways...Sorry Lingz...

Thats ALMOST what happened at the fair..
If you wanna know more *or see my image being blown away* you can read Eling's blog.. <<<<<>
I laughed SO HARD while reading it until my stomach actually hurts!!

Hrm..Have to continue doing work now..
Thats the simple, yet kinda long update af my weekend!!!