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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Good Friends are hard to find

Hey my dear blog readers!!!

*First things first*

I wanna apologise for abandoning my blog for almost 2 months. Gotta admit that I did it on purpose. Didn't wanna spend precious time blogging when I can do other things that are more beneficial than blogging. But you know what? I often find myself clicking on the bookmark which will lead to my blog. Its just a sign that I miss blogging and am not ready to give it up yet. Yes, blogging is a waste of time most of the time IF AND ONLY IF you blog about crap and the events you attend which...serves no purpose I guess. I'm gonna revive my blog again starting now, there'll be lotsa past personal events which I've joined, and also some food for thought. I'll just have to make as much use as the blog can offer. Cheers!!

2 weeks ago, I went for a micro Bramall Court reunion. Bramall Court is the place I used to stay when I was in UK. Its my university owned accomodation so everyone there is from Sheffield Hallam University.

Kee Wee organised the event and it was held in Tao Asian Cuisine. Overall I would say the environment of the place is superb!! Food wise is also very good though I would like to have more japanese cuisine variety. I don't eat much, especially meat. So going to a buffet is just a waste of money unless it is a japanese buffet as I develop a special liking for fish, and vege of course.

Okay, enough of the introduction. Its time for some photos~!!!

Tao Table Setting

Tao Light Decor

Tako(aka mini Paul)

Also on the plate are some jellyfish, beef karage, and a sushi.

Made to order food~

A very common problem I face for food photography for a buffet is that I'll have to take so much time taking photos of all the food individually that people will be half filled when I started eating.
So in order not to be so selfish, I hardly take any photos of food.
Well, maybe just a few..

Forgot what was this..I think its the Pissing Shrimp

Shrimp and vege tempura

Grilled Salmon *Very nice!!*

Soft Shell Crab Roll

Fruit Tartlets

Part of the attendees

Now for the overview of the place

Sushi and JapFood corner

Insalata(salad) corner


Barbeque and Teppanyaki corner

Umeshu, Sake, and Liquor corner

Very-the-Asian Decor


Friendship that was developed in UK

The Hip and the Smart one

The Toothpaste Models

Everyone loves showing their teeth

So photobomb-ish

Kee Wee, Stef, Yvette

Table 1 out of 2

Representatives from E-commerce group

Part of the Marketing group

Everyone who attended

and finally, a group shot before we leave

Good friends are hard to come by these days, especially when I am working already.
Everyone's busy developing and building their career but we never forget to meet once in a while.
Just like always, these people can pick you up when you're down by just seeing you.
You feel stronger with them around you, no longer lonely, pure contentment.

Friends - Have you made someone smile by calling them today?

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